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It's been a while since I last wrote a journal entry, but something big has happened to me, and I think that it is more than worth talking about.

I just got accepted to graduate school at the State University of New York UB with a full ride, stipend and teaching assistance scholarship.  Now I can continue to work towards an eventual PhD in Invertebrate Paleontology. :)

I can't really describe just how happy I am about this's just one of those moments that is indescribable and will remain so for a long time.  Thankfully, though, it will not interfere with my future work here, which is also a bonus.

Well, that's it for now; I'll be sure to keep everyone up-to-date if anything changes.
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Patrick R. Nolan
Artist | Professional | Literature
United States
Hello; my name is Professor Wormwood, otherwise known as Mutitus.

My tale is both short and long, but I won't bore you with all the details. I originally became interested in deviantART through a chance encounter with some art that I found quite pleasing. From there, I began my journey through this marvelous place, taking on various guises and images until I finally came upon my current position, the Official Professor of Pokemon for the U.S. State of Pennsylvania.

Here, I dedicate my life to showing the world just how real Pokemon are and how fundamental they are to understanding both how the real world works and how thin the boundary between fantasy and reality truly is. I have been blessed with meeting many great minds here, as well as the rare opportunity of discovering a life form that is neither a Pokemon nor any other known type of life form...a beast that may very well be the only one of his kind; I simply call him Sychoseize. But my real work lies with the Pokemon all have come to know and adore through science, breeding or even simple battling (all of which I am greatly accustomed to).

I once saw myself as multiple individuals living in the same body, convinced that I could tap into each form without interfering with the others...but I have now come to realize that they are all merely facets on the same intricate gem. Here, I am many things and nothing at the same time, a figure of honor and nobility with the roots of a humble man implanted in the back of my mind. The complexities present in my life are not for the faint of heart, so I feel that there is no reason to talk about them further; if you feel curious enough to ask about any of them, however, I will be more than happy to oblige. :)

In additon, I am a fan of Rez from the Gex series; in fact, I consider him to be my fictional idol. He is much more than what he seems to be, but I will let the rest of the world decide that. All I need to say is that he represents eternal existance and all of the pitfalls that come from it...

Outside of here, I am a promising senior at Mercyhurst University. I am a geology major with an exceptional interest in paleontology, particularly in regards to the mineralogy of the fossilization process. I am exceptionally skilled at mathematics and all sciences in general, though I am particularly knowledgeable in the fields of geology (hence my major), paleontology, astronomy and theoretical physics. I do not know if there is more to life than what we live through on the Earth we know and love, but knowing that ghosts are real, I can only hope that there is at least some sort of existence beyond life.

For now, this is all that needs to be said; if I feel like opening up, though, perhaps I will reveal more of my secrets to the world. Regardless, I will continue to serve my friends and colleagues as a vigilant nobleman and protector of the, and for all eternity.

Current Residence: Pennsylvania, USA
Favorite genre of music: All but Rap and Country music
Favorite style of art: Anthro
Operating System: Galaxy
Favorite cartoon character: Sonic the Hedgehog
Favorite/Patron Villain: Rez, Lord of the Media Dimension
Personal Quote: Look beyond The Facade, and see the truth that lies before you.

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Yours reports are really amazing and complete I love them (Sorry for bad english)
Dragonite0223 Apr 6, 2014  New member Student Digital Artist
Thanks for watching me,it's an honor to have a pokemon professor as a watcher
Mutitus 4 days ago  Professional Writer
No problem; anyone kind enough to watch me deserves the same in return. :)
Hey there Professor. Just came to stop by and ask for your opinion for something that I posted. Hope you don't mind. It's about some Pokemon who I feel should have gotten Mega Evolutions, and I'm making sort of a mini-series about it, going Pokemon by Pokemon and examining what could be their changes if they did Mega Evolve, along with my reason why they should.…
Mutitus Apr 6, 2014  Professional Writer
Hmmm....well, this is certainly interesting, and I appreciate the fact that you paid attention to listing its base stats before and after Mega Evolving; most would get the second set, but only true fans of the mechanics behind the games would care to include both sets.  I never thought about Dewgong having a Mega Evolution, but your hypothesized transformation seems fairly plausible.

Good job; I look forward to seeing more of these in the future. :)
Thank you Professor. :) And more will come; I have an entire list of Pokemon that I want to do. I'll even tell you who's up next; it's Ninetales :)
Mutitus 4 days ago  Professional Writer
Interesting...that is definitely a species in need of some sort of revision, so I look forward to seeing what you come up with.
Spola407 Mar 30, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Mutitus Apr 6, 2014  Professional Writer
You are quite welcome. :)
Flumeghost Mar 27, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I enjoy reading your reports, they make the world I love come to life even more.
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