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Creature Name: Powamp
General Location: Zebes (Maridia) and B.S.L. Research Station (Sector 4)
Species Status: Extinct

The Powamp is a marine invertebrate that uses the power of air in order to make the most of its limited biological equipment. The main body of the Powamp consists of little more than a small, segmented torso where all of the creature’s vital organs are crammed into, a massive pair of eyes built for thermal imaging and a trio of paddle-like appendages that the creature uses to slowly paddle though open water; the most definitive feature of the Powamp, though, is the massive flotation sac that is attached to their head. This elastic, rubbery sac is filled with varying amounts of air in order to allow the creature to float up and down in the water column, an artificial ballast that makes it possible for them to maximize the mount of area they can patrol in their search for small zooplankton to feed on (as it is the only food source the gills right below their eyes can feed off of). This sac does not just exist for utility purposes, though, as it also hides a dark secret for anything foolish enough to attack these creatures. At the base of this sac, these creatures generate a series of artificial spines that help to prop up the sac when it is not inflated with air, making it easier to inflate quickly; if the sac or main body is ruptured by the attack of a predator, these monsters will fire all of these spines by forcefully blasting water from their gills into the sac above, releasing a torrent of projectiles around them intended to impale and hopefully kill their attacker. This feature alone makes these invertebrates worth avoiding at all costs as they are completely harmless otherwise, but for those with the right equipment, they can actually be quite useful, as they can be frozen readily to be used as platforms and have enough magnetic materials concentrated into their exoskeleton for protection that they can be latched onto with Grapple Beam technology. Lastly, it is noted that these monsters were among the many that were destroyed and copied by X-Parasites aboard the B.S.L. Research Station. In this mutated form, their body color is slightly different with a similar color scheme as the X-Parasite copy of the Owtch, they have developed a thicker flotation sac adorned with sharp spines that can easily hurt anything that comes into contact with them, and they have become resistant to all forms of damage aside from the destructive force of the Screw Attack. Moreover, they have developed small lungs that can help them breathe out of the water and thus enable them to sit around narrow openings and use their spiky flotation sacs to block off corridors, though weapons like the Ice and Diffusion Missiles can still be used to freeze them in place.
Creature Name: Owtch
General Locations: Zebes (Maridia) and B.S.L. Research Station (Sector 2 and 4)
Species Status: Extinct

The Owtch is a small mollusk that is traditionally ignored for the most part by larger creatures and is often never seen in person, or at least not until someone accidentally steps on one. These marine snails live mainly in burrows beneath the sandy bottoms of bodies of saltwater and rarely ever poke their body out of the substance; they only time they actively reveal themselves is when they go up to the surface in order to feed, and even then their visits are usually quite brief. This is a direct reflection on their metabolism, as these creatures have the muscles needed to move surprisingly fast along the sandy bottom of their habitat of choice, but in doing so they expend a lot of energy and thus must come up to the surface frequently to acquire more food reserves and thus cause the entire cycle to begin again. The Owtch itself does not have the ability to offensively harm others, but it is protected by large, sturdy shell that is adorned with a series of massive spines that can easily puncture skin and muscle if stepped on without looking, even going so far as to break through the hard exoskeletons of Zebesian Space Pirates and thus annoying them to no end. This defensive trait is only made worse by the fact that their dull green and lavender-colored bodies tend to blend in with the sand very well, making it hard to spot them until it is too late. If needed, these creatures can be destroyed, but it will require a heavy-duty weapon to do so as their shells are capable of reflecting energy blasts from weaker beam weapons. It is lastly noted that these creatures were among the many that were killed and copied by X-Parasites aboard the B.S.L. Research Station. While these copies looked almost identical to the original creature, they were slightly larger in size, possessed a brown shell and blue body, and actually were a bit weaker as they could be damaged by any type of weapon easily.
Creature Name: Oum
General Location: Zebes (Maridia)
Species Status: Extinct

The Oum is a rare aquatic crustacean that is believed to be related to the Evirs and Draygon but has otherwise taken on a shell form that limits its mobility for the sake of safety. These creatures, much as with their relatives, possess a soft belly that can readily be harmed with concussive weaponry while the rest of their form is covered in a thick, plated exoskeleton for defense. However, the Oum is set apart from these creatures by both its neon-green eye color and especially in the way that it chooses to live its life. Unlike the Evirs and Draygon, the plated sections of the Oum’s shell are actually smooth and are able to be flexed more so than normal; as such, these beasts have developed a special latch on the end of their tail region that can be hooked up and around the front of their shell to lock the creature in a ball form. In this state, these creatures cannot really do much at all aside from roll around and try to squish other enemies, but they have adapted to this by evolving a set of appendage coated with an extremely lethal toxin. As the Oum gets close to its prey, it will wait until it know it can attack safely before lashing out with these tentacles from the small spot of fleshy tissue exposed at their head region, piercing and injecting the toxin into the target and waiting as it slowly succumbs to total paralysis within seconds, providing the opportunity for the Oum to uncurl itself and feed in peace. While the Oum is much rarer than its relatives and can only survive in small spaces where it can easily corner prey and attack them, they are much harder to hurt than their relatives because their shell is effectively impenetrable, and there is no conventional weapon that can make any use of the thin patch of soft flesh exposed near their head. Thankfully, these creatures are quite benign and can be leaped over if one has access to Morph Ball and Spring Ball technology, though they should still be looked out for as their tentacle attack can deal massive damage against anything they touch regardless of whether or not they manage to inject their toxic load.
Creature Name: Magdolite
General Locations: Zebes (Norfair) and BOTTLE SHIP (Sector 3)
Species Status: Extinct

The Magdolite is a thermophile organism that has come to use the searing heat of lava as a tool of both intimidation and survival. The precise morphology of the Magdolite is still a relative mystery as their bodies seem to disintegrate the moment they are extracted from the lava pools they call home, but it can at least be said that they are in fact natural organisms with a supporting skeleton, green eyes and a large mouth filled with razor sharp teeth perfect for chopping up charred meat and other organic materials. Magdolites seem to possess at least a limited degree of sentience to them and are able to communicate in a true language, but it has yet to be deciphered and the complexity of their overall social order is just as misunderstood. How the Magdolite is able to survive the scorching temperatures of the lava pools it lives in has yet to be fully understood, but it is thought that their soft tissue is actually on the inside of their body solely, which means that Magdolites do not have skin. Instead, the outside of their bones is coated with a heat-resistant metallic ore that keeps the extreme heat of the lava they live in from burning their soft interiors. Magdolites do not normally have to feed on much to survive as their bodies can internally process heat from the outside into energy, but if they are desperate for the few vital nutrients they need to support their skeleton and limited internal tissues, they will gladly attack anything and everything that gets near them for those nutrients. In these cases, they will wait patiently in lava pools for a prey item to approach them, at which point they will lunge out of their pools and will attack either by swiping at their targets with their magma-coated arms or blasting them with massive globs of magma and fiery rocks from afar. Thankfully, while Magdolites are virtually indestructible in most cases, their lava bodies make them extremely susceptible to the effects of cold, so a powerful blast from something like the Ice Beam can be used to freeze part of if not their entire bodies and then destabilized with the impact of a Missile or Super Missile to shatter their armor and bones in an instant. Even with this weakness, though, it is advised that caution be taken when near these creatures, as they come in many shapes and sizes and can easily become a serious threat if they decide to attack a prey item as a swarm instead of just individuals.
Creature Name: Kago
General Locations: Zebes (Crateria and Norfair) and B.S.L. Research Station (Sectors 2, 4 and 5)
Species Status: Extinct

The Kago is an insectoid that is only a small portion of the structure that is often observed in the field within and has at times been mistaken for said structures as a result of its size. In short, the Kago is a very small, semi-flightless insectoid that feeds on tiny microorganisms in the soils and rock crevices of Zebes and is almost completely unnoticeable; in fact, its small form is so small that it is usually not even noticed by human-sized creatures, though it can leap very high for its small size and can use its tiny mandibles and physical momentum to inflict minute damage against others. What really makes the Kago an interesting species, however, is their hive. Kago hives are comprised of two main components, a soft inner core and a solid exterior shell. The outer shell, which is usually a sickly green color, is as hard as rock and virtually indestructible against weapons even as strong as the Power Bomb; moreover, if the interior of the nest is shot, the entire ground and even surrounding room may shake, showing just how deeply rooted and rigid this outer structure really is. The interior portion of the Kago hive is a red, pulsating orb that contains not only the nesting burrows for the Kago but also spare food reserves and pouches where the creatures reproduce in safety. This inner orb is actually vulnerable to direct fire as a result of the large holes that fill the outer structure of the hive, but with every single shot, a part of the hive will break and release an angry Kago that will hop around its hive in an attempt to scare off potential predators. The Kago are not that dangerous and can be easily destroyed with a single shot from any basic weapon, and even the interior of their hives is soft enough that it too will be destroyed if hit enough times, but these creatures are probably best left to their own devices as they are completely and utterly harmless as long as they are not provoked.

It is further noted that the Kago were among the many forms of life that were killed and copied by X-Parasites aboard the B.S.L. Research Station, but their mutation is unique enough that it deserves special attention. For some reason, the DNA of the Kago seems to be one that X-Parasites have a very hard time working with, as the mutated Kago that were created by them were an abomination with the copied Kago and their hive being fused into a single, bizarre creature with a dark green supporting matrix and a purple inner core. In this state, the monsters will feed off of small microorganisms for survival, but the individual Kago cannot be released from the core being struck as they are literally stuck to their hives; on the plus side, though, this does give the mutant copy near invulnerability to all types of weapons. However, things get extremely messy when another X-Parasite decides to join with the copy in order to increase its power and resilience; when this happens, the inner and outer portions of the hive are horrifically fused together and transform into a towering mass of living tissue at least three times the size of a normal Kago hive. In this form, the colors of the body switch places and the exterior shell grows into a jointed, rigid tower with the inner part of the hive being reduced to a massive series of green, pulsating nodules that move with the cage to give the abomination a disgusting and vile motion. In this state, the inner green nodules are filled with a pus-like acid that will readily eat through just about anything and is especially damaging against energy shields; it was possible for Samus Aran to freeze them and jump over them with enough height, but these pulsating masses were otherwise better left alone, as they could only be destroyed with the power of the Shinespark or Screw Attack.
This is just a quick work update for everyone. As you are all aware, I have finished (for now) my work on Pikmin and moved onto Metroid, but there two things that I need to warn you all about now. First of all, the next few batches of reports are going to seem...a bit short...but there is a reason. Some of you have probably played a Metroid game at one time or have at least seen someone playing one, but I'm guessing that most of you have never played Metroid II. And that's because it was for the Game Boy. It isn't the worst in the series, isn't the greatest either. Here's the deal; the game took place on the homeworld of the Metroids, SR388, and it was the only game to give us a look at some of the strange biota that existed alongside the Metroids...but there is almost nothing to say about them. Now, I am a man that prides himself at bringing out information from nothing but a picture, but to be little concrete data was put into explaining these creatures that it is baffling. A few of them have only a single line of text to describe them shorter than this very sentence. I have tried my best, but I fear that the reports for the creatures from that game, as well as Metroid Prime Hunters (whose scan data isn't worth s#^&), will be a lot shorter than any of us are used to, so...please cut me some slack.

Secondly, and on more good news, I have been contact with the individuals responsible for running Pikipedia, and in the future, we are going to try and do something that I think you guys are really going to like. I know that I'm sure as heck exited, and it has been fun being able to actually talk to and become part of the group that maintains the actual Wikipedia site for Pikmin (Pikipedia, not the Pikmin Wiki; there are hard barriers between those two wikis, so don't try and contact the Pikmin Wiki. They will have no idea what the heck you are talking about). I will let you all know more about this special surprise in the future.

Thirdly and lastly, as odds as it feels to say interactions with the Pikipedia staff have given me the incentive to spread my wings a little in the social media world. I am now on Skype! Hooray! My account name is professorwormwood (OOC - but might show up as my actual name, Patrick Nolan), so if you are ever in the mood, feel free to send me a message. I don't know when I will be available to talk since the Pikipedia activity levels tend to rise and fall randomly, but I am trying to get on a regular schedule of being available from about 5 in the afternoon (Eastern Standard Time) until I go to sleep. so I'll keep it started there.

That's all for the moment; have a pleasant evening, everyone.
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Patrick R. Nolan
Artist | Professional | Literature
United States
Hello; my name is Professor Wormwood, otherwise known as Mutitus.

My tale is both short and long, but I won't bore you with all the details. I originally became interested in deviantART through a chance encounter with some art that I found quite pleasing. From there, I began my journey through this marvelous place, taking on various guises and images until I finally came upon my current position, the Official Professor of Pokemon for the U.S. State of Pennsylvania.

Here, I dedicate my life to showing the world just how real Pokemon are and how fundamental they are to understanding both how the real world works and how thin the boundary between fantasy and reality truly is. I have been an active part of the Pokémon universe ever since I was a child, and it has opened my eyes to the greater laws that govern the universe and in turn where I stand as an individual in the sea of life that exists on this tiny little planet in an otherwise unexciting corner of space. I owe my incredible writing abilities and imagination to this world, and the best way I can repay my debt, as far as I figure, is to bring reality to a world where it is commonly rejected and in turn help even casual players of the series interact with their games in a way that is otherwise beyond what the creators of the series are willing to go.

Outside of here, I am attending Graduate School at SUNY UB; my specialty training is in geology and invertebrate paleontology, particularly in regards to Late Silurian plants, algae and fungi, and right now I am working to further specialize in Mid Ordovician graptolites. I am exceptionally skilled at mathematics and all sciences in general, though I am particularly knowledgeable in the fields of geology, paleontology, astronomy and theoretical physics. I do not know if there is more to life than what we live through on the Earth we know and love, but knowing that ghosts are real, I can only hope that there is at least some sort of existence beyond life.

For now, this is all that needs to be said; if I feel like opening up, though, perhaps I will reveal more of my secrets to the world. Regardless, I will continue to serve my friends and colleagues as a vigilant nobleman and protector of the, and for all eternity.

Current Residence: Pennsylvania, USA
Favorite genre of music: All but Rap and Country music
Favorite style of art: Anthro
Operating System: Galaxy
Favorite cartoon character: Sonic the Hedgehog
Favorite/Patron Villain: Rez, Lord of the Media Dimension
Personal Quote: Look beyond The Facade, and see the truth that lies before you.

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