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Confederation Name: Space Pirates
Place of Origin: Multiple unknown worlds
Place of Residence: Zebes and Urtraghus among others
Current Status: Unknown (presumed disbanded)

The Space Pirates were once among the most ruthless of organizations within the cosmos and have had such a lasting impact on the known universe that even today their memories and actions still linger on in the minds and hearts of those that they have hurt. Though they might not be around anymore as they once were, the sheer amount of pandemonium and destruction that they have caused has shaped the image of many planets and their inhabitants and are an unshakable mark that my never fully fade away with time. It is thankful then that the Space Pirates are no longer what they once were, but even in saying so, there is much that can be and has been learned from them, as while they might have been ruthless monsters, they nonetheless demonstrated wicked intelligence and diligence in their actions and proved that just because you don’t succeed at something you shouldn’t just give up on it, even if the future consequences of your actions have a damaging effect on those you interact with beyond what one could possibly imagine.

The Space Pirate organization itself is a loose confederacy of different species that have come together for the sole purpose of pillaging the planets of the universe of all of their resources and taking control of any and all planets that the Space Pirates deem to be suitable for their natural biology. This can vary tremendously as a result of their differing anatomies, though, but it is usually not too much of a problem as most of the species under this organization possesses a basically-similar arthropod-like form and tend to live in the same sort of environmental conditions. The confederacy of the Space Pirates was originally quite loose and did not have a definite leader or even a major ruling class, with most of the species under the banner acting more or less independently under the single code of not interfering with the raids and actions of other Space Pirates; only worth the introduction of Mother Brain was a High Command constructed to direct the actions of the Space Pirates with more coordinated effort. While the Space Pirates do demonstrate a sense of humanity to them in that they are known to have pets, possess a dry and oftentimes dark sense of humor and possess a series of morality codes that help to determine how disobedience, thievery and reckless endangerment are handled by them, in the end, the Space Pirates are still cold-blooded killers at heart and see the universe merely as something for them to conquer in any way that they see fit. Even so, it is clear the Space pirates do have a sense of honor, as it is known that cowardice among Pirate Commandos is treated with a lethal shot to their back of said coward and some, such as the Pirate Aerotroopers, are known to use suicide dives to prevent themselves from ever being captured. Most of the technology under their possession is rarely ever theirs originally; original Space Pirate technology is generally mechanical in nature, and anything that they possess that is different is usually the result of them stealing the plans for weapons and other structures from other races and then modifying them for their own needs. Moreover, the Space Pirates are known to have occupied several different worlds over the course of their campaign across the cosmos, and it is assumed that most of them were not planets that originally belonged to them but were the spoils of victory during an invasion of said planet and the eradication of its native sentient species. It is unknown how many planets the Space Pirates have actually colonized over the decades, but the chances of some still being out there are large enough for some concern to be paid even today.

In terms of the scope of human existence, the Space Pirates have been a major part of the known universe since the early days of the Galactic Federation; at that time, a specific group of the Space Pirates was causing a great deal of trouble in the space surrounding the planet Zebes and became the direct reasoning behind the establishment of the Galactic Federation Police, but even that was not enough. The Space Pirates were well-known for raiding vessels and then vanishing into thin air the next moment but also had a taste for conquering other worlds and as they saw fit, expelling their natives and then renaming themselves to sound like they were the original inhabitants of the planet. The Galactic Federation did their best to try and curb this behavior, but the Space Pirates were so mysterious in origin and difficult to track down in the vast reaches of space that the Federation simply didn’t have the resources to capture them in the early days. As such, they tended to rely on bounty hunters in order to capture Space Pirates and bring them back to the Federation for judgement, and one of those bounty hunters was Samus Aran. Many years before Samus Aran came into the picture of the Space Pirates, she lived in the Earth colony on K-2L with her parents. When she was just three years old, the colony was attacked by a large group of Space Pirates, led by the notorious Space Pirate Ridley; when Samus tried to befriend the monster, she was almost killed, but her mother stepped in the way of Ridley’s attack while Samus’ father ignited the Afloraltite they had come to steal, destroying almost the entire colony in the process. Samus was rescued by the Chozo and taken in by them to Zebes, while Ridley slowly healed himself in space by feeding on the corpses of the deceased creatures that had floated into space with him from the explosion.

In time, Samus finally grew into adulthood and left Zebes to become an officer in the Galactic Federation before eventually breaking off and becoming a bounty hunter, but in that time, the condition of the Chozo on Zebes turned bleak. Hateful for her treatment and the complacent nature of the Chozo, the A.I. known as Mother Brain hatched a scheme to eliminate all that did not fit her ideal image of what a life form should represent, and to facilitate this, she turned against the Chozo and took the Space Pirates under her wing. The Space Pirates had already attempted to take over Zebes in the past as it was the right size and had the right atmospheric conditions and physical structure to make a great Space Pirate base, but the Planetary Protection Shield put up by the Chozo made it impossible for them to even get close to the surface of the planet. With the help of Mother Brain and technology that had been stolen through her efforts, the Space Pirates were able to destroy the Planetary Protection Shield and forced many of the Chozo to flee; in the aftermath, the first High Command was formed from Mother Brain, the Chozo Gray Voice and Ridley (while Samus was offered a position, she declined), the first commanding body of the Space Pirate forces that truly started the beginning of their existence as a strong confederacy. In time, though, the Chozo Gray Voice turned on Mother Brain and tried to destroy her with an old Chozo weapon she had never known existed to end her defective programming for good, only to be killed by Ridley. The Pirates used the same Chozo bioengineering technology that had allowed Samus to adapt to the harsh environments of Zebes on themselves, taking the name of the Zebesian Space Pirates, and quickly turned the planet into one under their control and theirs only. At around the same time, the Galactic Federation had sent down a team to chart an undiscovered planet at the time, SR388, and found that 80% of the planet’s life had recently been wiped out. The Metroids were believed to be the culprits, and as the Federation’s researchers attempted to bring a captured specimen to the Federation for research, the Space Pirates stole it and, finding its devastating powers to be quite pleasing, began to further weaponize it alongside Mother Brain.

With possession of this bioweapon and in turn the power needed to invade and destroy Federation worlds at any time, the Galactic Federation sought out help from someone that could end the crisis; their salvation came in the form of Samus Aran. She was given the task of eliminating the Metroid scourge of the Space Pirates and destroying Mother Brain, and after defeating both the Space Pirate generals Kraid and Ridley (as well as an unknown general that would later be turned into the bounty hunter Weavel), she was able to use the ancient power of the Chozo to destroy the Metroids that the Space Pirates had been cloning to make an invincible army and eventually even Mother Brain herself, causing a self-destruct sequence to activate that devastated Tourian and most of the base the Space Pirates had built into that part of the planet. However, upon exiting her Power Suit in space above the planet after feeling that her Zero Mission had been completed, Samus was attacked by Space Pirate ships and she ultimately crash-landed on the surface of the planet. At that time, the Space Pirate Mothership had landed with Ridley at the helm and had been building network tubes to connect the ship with the ruins of Chozodia, which the Space Pirates explored to see if there were any items or weapons of worthwhile value there; as such, they were more than ready when Samus tried to leave the planet and had little trouble picking her off. With her ship and Power Suit permanently disabled from the crash, she sneaked around and ran past the Zebesian Space Pirates and all of the security systems they had set up in the ancient ruins of Chozodia until she eventually found herself in a room that had yet to be reached by any of the Zebesians, a room that she had visited with Old Bird and Gray Voice long, long ago. In it, she found a mural on the wall of the Chozo God of War, and before she could react, she was immediately placed under the Ruins Test. In passing it, Samus’ upgrades were restored in full and she was given the Legendary Power Suit, an archaic suit created for only the most revered and powerful of Chozo warriors. With this ancient power of the Chozo, likely the last of its kind, Samus became able to use the ancient Chozo weapons and powers she had acquired up until then to destroy the Ridley Robot that had been left to guard the main control room of the ship and triggered a self-destruct sequence; Samus managed to flee the craft in a stolen Pirate Fighter and watched as the ship detonated in glorious fashion as she sped away from the planet with her mission completed.

At the time, the frigates Orpheon, Siriacus and Vol Paragom had been in orbit around the planet and were ordered to flee after receiving news of the destruction of the base on Zebes. While it is unknown exactly what happened to the latter two frigates, it is know that the Frigate Orpheon made it out of the planet’s general space with a full supply of Metroids on the ship, though placed on limited food reserves until more rations could be obtained. In their escape, a new High Command was formed by leaders of the three other known Space Pirate species that were observed by the Galactic Federation in the following years in order to create a greater semblance of unity in their operations, and the Zebesian branch was effectively put on permanent reserve. The crew of the Frigate Orpheon was sent to investigate a large energy spike on a planet called Tallon IV, and after sending down a scout team to investigate the atmospheric conditions of the planet, a strange substance was discovered and tested for its properties. Primary tests showed that the substance, which would eventually be named “Phazon” by the Space Pirates, was incredibly unstable and radioactive and had the unique power to instigate massive mutations in creatures that were exposed to it on a regular basis, and it was not long after that that the Space Pirates started to experiment with the substance to begin creating bioweapons. The Space Pirates were able to determine that the substance had been generated in the impact of a rocky body into the surface of the planet about 50 years ago from that point in time, and with the promising effects that he substance was having on the creatures they experimented on, it was decided that the planet would make for a good base of operations. With the decision made, the Space Pirates traveled to the surface of the planet and began to set up a pair of research stations on the surface; the facility Glacier One was placed in the far regions of Phendrana Drifts as the cold made it easier for them to control their stock of Metroids, while the other was constructed in a barren area where Phazon had been discovered in massive quantities, eventually creating the Phazon Mines. The Space Pirates noted that there were many Chozo ruins in the area and could detect that a massive source of Phazon was hidden in an area referred to as the Impact Crater, but there was not much that they could do to get to it, as the Cradle built by the Chozo held fast and could only be opened with the twelve Chozo Artifacts, which the Pirates found a few of but ultimately were unable to locate all as a result of being unable to translate the Chozo texts that might have otherwise led them to it. Their detection of an enormous creature gorging there piqued their interests, but with the inability to properly locate most of the Artifacts as well as issues dealing with the Chozo Ghosts that haunted many parts of the Chozo Ruins, there was no feasible way for them to get in without finding a way to simply break the barrier in its entirety.

Unfortunately for them, it was not smooth-sailing for the Space Pirates forever. On the one hand, their experiments did in fact prove to be very successful as they were able to induce radical mutation in the simplest of creatures, with some of their more promising work creating the monsters like the Parasite Queens, and they were more than eager to test the substance on Metroids and found to their pleasure that the Tallon Metroids reacted vigorously to the substance and could use it grow from an Infant stage to an adult with its full set of powers within mere seconds of coming into contact with the substance. However, while they wished to create the perfect bioweapons using this technology, their initial infusion process was very crude and all early subjects died after the fourth infusion cycle. In addition, while their base at Glacier One was holding up well and keeping their Metroids sluggish, their doors and other equipment kept malfunction due to the constant formation of ice everywhere, and the indigenous population of Ice Burrowers and Ice Beetles made it difficult for them to work properly as the creatures invaded their base and damaged equipment on a constant basis; the larger predators of the land (like the Sheegoth) didn’t’ make the situation any easier and kept killing and eating personal and their equipment, making it very dangerous to ever go outside of the main facility. In the Phazon Mines, things were not any better, as the Space Pirates quickly became aware of the effects of Phazon Madness, as Pirate Troopers that spent too much time near the substance without protective gear started to lose their minds and experienced a loss of equilibrium, erratic respiration, muscle spasms and hallucinations in the most extreme cases, becoming corrupted by the substance and viciously fighting off anyone that dared to take their Phazon away from them. No matter how hard they tried, the Space Pirates were unable to ever get their bases fully-secured, and it was not uncommon for small holes and cracks to be used by local bioforms to enter their secure base; even if they did plug the holes, it usually was not long after that that even more would open up elsewhere.

Eventually, though, the Space Pirates became confident enough with their research that they decided to take their experimentation with Phazon to the next level and started Project Helix, which was their attempt to use Phazon to alter Space Pirate DNA in order to create new super-soldiers for their active army. Initial experiments, however, were highly disastrous, as Phazon infusion into embryos degenerated brain tissue even as it augmented muscle mass, and most never made it to maturity (while those that did had psychotic breakdowns as adolescents and killed everything that entered their line of sight). It was not until Space Pirate researchers crafting different strains of the mutagen through parasite studies came across a strain of Phazon named “Vertigo” that things took off, as the strain proved to be exactly what they had been looking for. From then on, the Space Pirates were able to successfully merge the strain with their own embryos in order to create Elite Pirates, and by nature, the rare monsters known as the Phazon Elite and the Omega Pirate. Research continued on the Cipher at the Artifact Temple as well as studies on the biological functions of Metroids (particular in regards to trying to replicate their powers before resorting to attempts at training them to use as straight-bioweapons on the battlefield) and the technology of Samus Aran, with many of the Space Pirate Science Team’s prototypes resulting in the grisly deaths and maiming of others (particular in testing a Space Pirate prototype for the Morph Ball).

It seemed like everything was going just fine for the Space Pirates, but their cover was blown when a pair of Parasite Queens aboard the Frigate Orpheon escaped from containment and destroyed the entire structure from the inside out, forcing the Space Pirates onboard to send out a distress signal. That signal was ironically answered by Samus Aran, and though her actions resulted in the destruction and crash-landing of the ship, she found herself in pursuit of not the Space Pirates afterwards but Meta Ridley, who was being repaired on the Frigate Orpheon after losing at Zebes and who flew off towards Talon IV after awakening from sedation. Samus Aran pursued Meta Ridley to the surface of the planet but lost him shortly after that, forcing her to find him via reconnaissance on the ground. In the process, Samus came across both of the facilities that the Space Pirates had built for their experiments and succeeded in not only shutting down Glacier One and the Phazon Mines but managed to destroy their most lethal experiments, Thardus and the Omega Pirate, and cleared the planet of all Phazon corruption by defeating Metroid Prime in the Impact Crater.

After this defeat, the Space Pirated of Tallon IV were not heard or seen from again, but the information they had provided to High Command on the properties of Phazon nonetheless made them eager to acquire more of it, and it was only four cycles before the arrival of Samus on Aether that they detected the substance on the planet. A different sect of the organization took it upon themselves to explore the planet and validate if there was in fact Phazon in the world and took only a single frigate’s worth of crew, resources and weaponry, as records on the world indicated that the planet was at peace ecologically and they needed to stay as low-key as possible because the planet was still in Federation territory though only at its fringe. It didn’t take long for this new species of Space Pirate to realize that the records were completely wrong, as they quickly became the target for most of the planet’s wildlife; in particular, their base was often attacked by shadowing creatures (darklings) for seemingly no reason at all. In constructing and setting up a base in Agon Wastes, the Space Pirates discovered a dimensional portal of unknown origin and discovered nearby a new weapon system connected to the portal. Dubbed the “Dark Beam” by Science Team, the weapon was used to activate the portal, and when the Space Pirates first stepped in, they were extremely pleased. The parallel dimension they had stepped in, Dark Aether, was full of Phazon and deemed to be a large enough source that a full-scale excavation was initiated, with High Command planning to send more supplies and troops to help with the endeavor. The toxic atmosphere of the Dark World was tough on the Space Pirate troops as were the intense attacks from local biota, but they held fast and did their best to make armor and life-support systems that could resist the toxic effects of the planet’s atmosphere even if their efforts resulted in gear that was far from perfect.

Disaster struck, however, when the “Hunter” (the Space Pirate nickname for Samus), or at least who they thought was the “Hunter”, arrived on the planet and confronted the Space Pirates directly. Though the Space Pirates were shocked to see her, what shocked them even more was the dark color of her suit and radical new weapons, which seemed to require Phazon to function. This new “Dark Hunter” did not seek to destroy the Space Pirates and in fact ignored them for the most part; all she would do was steal their Phazon reserves and use that energy to fuel herself. She seemed to show some degree of care towards the Metroids the Pirates were in possession of and did release a few of them, but this contrasted with her otherwise insane personality, as she would brutally and violently dispatch any Pirate Trooper that got in her way, a cruel streak that the Pirates had never once observed in the “Hunter” before. Her presence, though frightening and lethal, was tolerable for a time, but during one attack she managed to disable the Pirate’s stealth-field generator. The Space Pirates had chosen to be cautious in exploring Aether as it was just barely on the fringe of Galactic Federation territory in the Dasha sector, but without their stealth field, their base and ships were now fully exposed to the sight of others. Amidst increasing attacks from the darklings both towards them and all other creatures in the Light World, and with food, ammunition and troop reserves declining, the Space Pirates were hit hard when the transport ship that was supposed to being them more supplies and troops to help the effort was shot down by the G.F.S. Tyr; the only saving grace was that the Federation ship was damaged by the atmosphere of the planet while pursuing the Space Pirate frigate (which ultimately crashed and left the remaining Space Pirate forced on thin ice), and they were eventually killed by a swarm of Dark Splinters after being present on the planet for some time. After more than a week of lost contact, Samus Aran was sent in by the Galactic Federation in order to determine the cause of the signal lost, and with her ship also being damaged upon entering the atmosphere of the planet, she was forced to explore Aether on foot. Space Pirate scouts were there to witness her arrival, and at first it sent a chill down their spines; now the real Samus was here, and there was little hope left for them in terms of getting out of the planet in one piece. The tide was slightly turned, though, when they witnessed Dark Samus attack her shortly after arriving, and from this, they surmised that the “Dark Hunter” may be of some use to them; they saw a potential meeting and deal with the dark entity for the sake of survival, a trade of Phazon for the head of a common foe. Alas, this was not enough to keep the Space Pirates aloft, and Samus tore through their ranks and decimated them on multiple occasions. By the time Dark Aether was destroyed and the war between the Luminoth and the Ing had ended, the Space Pirates had lost their “Dark Hunter” and were totally defeated.

In the end of the conflict, a different team of Space Pirates was sent to try and salvage what they could of the Aether base; although the Galactic Federation had taken a few kilograms of Phazon with them after dismantling the space Pirate base, they left most of the material behind, allowing the crew of the Colossus to swoop in and steal the rest of the material back, hoping that they would be able to get it to High Command where they could take the operations from there. However, it was not too long before their ship detected the presence of Dark Samus among their containers, and before they could jettison the cargo, she absorbed all of the Phazon that they had and reformed herself into a new, more complete form than what she had been before. She slowly began to mentally warp the minds of the crew, frightening them before ultimately corrupting and brainwashing them into obeying her even after she killed a third of the entire crew. She taught the Space Pirates how to use Phazon to power their ship, and with the trust that they would wait for her return, she went looking for the source of all Phazon. After a month of waiting and killing any crew members that did not hold fast to the belief that she would return, Dark Samus came back with a Leviathan and beckoned them to follow her. Under Space Pirate hands, the Leviathan was outfitted with cybernetic weapon systems, crew quarters and command consoles to make it into a living battleship (which made her quite proud of her Space Pirate minions), and those that refused to travel to Phaaze were promptly killed. Upon arriving at the planet, the Space Pirates were in shock to see the wondrous world their goddess had found. With this planet, she relayed her plans to the Space Pirates, and in response they attacked the G.F.S. Valhalla to steal its Aurora Unit; after completing the task, Aurora Unit 313 was plugged into Phaaze and corrupted by Dark Samus in such a way as to allow her to control it and in turn the entire planet of Phaaze. As a reward for their efforts as students and warriors, Dark Samus used her new powers to force Phaaze to eject a Leviathan in the direction of the planet Urtraghus, the Pirate Homeworld, where it impacted and changed the planet forever. Many of the Space Pirate crew’s fellow brethren were killed in the resulting attack and corruption, but in their brainwashed state, this was only a fitting end for the weak and would leave only those strong enough to follow Dark Samus into battle.

A crippling Phazon-based computer virus was constructed by the Space Pirates and transmitted to the other Aurora Units connected to the main network through Aurora Unit 313, and while most of them were readily disabled, a few were taken off of the main network lines in order to preserve their functionality. Three Leviathans were sent out towards a trio of planets that were of great importance to the Galactic Federation: Elysia, where the Federation and the native Elysian had set up a truce for the sake of research; Bryyo, which was a major protectorate of the Federation due to its massive Fuel Gel reserves; and Norion, as it was a key Federation base. The Leviathan sent to Norion was destroyed during a Space Pirate attack on the planet, but Dark Samus had arrived personally during the attack and left Samus Aran and the bounty hunters Rundas, Ghor and Gandrayda permanently corrupted and turned into self-generating factories of Phazon. While they were in a coma state, Bryyo and Elysia were struck by Leviathans, and with no serious forces standing in their way, the Pirates were able to easily take over the planets and destroy or otherwise corrupt the native life forms. Samus’ allies woke from their coma about a week before she did and were sent to these planets as well as the Pirate Homeworld to assess the situation and eliminate the Space Pirates…but all contact was lost shortly upon them leaving. Samus was eventually sent to investigate, and learned to her horror that the other bounty hunters were unable to resist the effects of Dark Samus’ corruption and had become her puppets, serving as high-ranking commanders in the army of the Space Pirates. Even as the Space Pirates created stronger monsters though Phazon experimentation and were biologically changed to become dependent upon the substance in order to live and become stronger than they ever were before, Samus was able to break through their defenses and destroyed the Leviathans that had impacted the planets, including the one that had hit the Pirate Homeworld. On top of all this, Samus was able to take control of the Leviathan battleship that the Pirates had constructed back before the Phazon Crisis had even started and use it to create a wormhole to allow the Galactic Federation to journey to Phaaze and attack the last surviving fleet of the Space Pirates near Phaaze, while Samus traveled past the Space Pirates and landed on the surface of the planet. From there, she was able to fight and defeat both Dark Samus and Aurora Unit 313, and in their destruction, the planet become highly unstable and ultimately exploded. Samus and the Galactic Federation were able to escape though the wormhole in time, but the rest of the Space Pirate fleet and the Leviathan Battleship were annihilated as was every single creature that was dependent upon Phazon for life. The Phazon Crisis was finally over, and Phazon itself completely vanished from the known universe.

With this disaster, High Command was rendered beyond furious. Though they had allowed the Phazon Crisis to go unregulated because of the potential benefits that Phazon could have provided their cause in conquering the universe, this loss of the Pirate Homeworld left them without much of a base or soldiers to work with. With no other choice, the last of the Space Pirates, the Zebesians, were brought back into the fold and ordered to begin the construction of a new base in Zebes, which was not that hard as the Federation had never thoroughly destroyed their presence in the planet; the process did not take as long as they were concerned it would, though, as the Zebesians had been rebuilding their base on Zebes for the duration of time following the end of Mother Brain and had made it even larger and more well-guarded than ever before. With limited resources left, the Zebesians brought Kraid and Ridley back to full strength and subsequently rebuilt Mother Brain; in doing so, however, she forcefully assumed control over the Zebesians and had the new High Command assassinated, bringing the control of the Space Pirates directly back underneath her and her alone. Mother Brain recruited two new generals to the Space Pirate forces, Phantoon and Draygon, and built a powerful Chozo-based body for herself as a secondary body in case she were to ever be attacked by Samus again. The Space Pirates wished to continue their studies on Metroids and returned to their original plan of cloning them with beta rays to create a standing army, but after Samus’ journey to SR388, nearly all of the creatures had been killed. The only surviving Infant was taken by Samus to the Ceres Space Colony in order for it to be studied to see if they could be used for the good of mankind; this was the perfect opportunity for the Space Pirates, and Ridley didn’t miss a beat. As Samus was leaving, Ridley attacked the station, and while Samus received a distress signal from the colony and returned almost immediately, she was too late. All of the research staff had been killed and Ridley was in the process of stealing the Infant Metroid; while Samus tried her best to fight him off, he managed to escape and set off the self-destruct system on the colony, leaving Samus just barely enough time to get off of the colony before it exploded.

On Zebes, the Space Pirates began to clone the Infant be exposing it to large concentrations of beta rays, but this process did not produce Metroids as quickly as they had hoped; as such, they resorted to cheaper methods of producing the creatures, but the results of these experiments were merely Mochtroids that were so pathetically weak that they were instantly labeled as failures and dumped into Maridia in mass numbers. As Samus arrived on the planet Zebes once more, she sought out to end the Space Pirates and retrieve the Infant, and despite all of the effort the Space Pirates had put into rebuilding their base and impeding Samus with bioweapons and the natural biota of the planet, they were unable to withstand her power and she mowed right through Mother Brain’s generals one by one. Eventually, Samus arrived at Tourian and was introduced to the Infant once more, now as the Big Metroid, and was almost killed by it until it realized who Samus was and ran off in embarrassment. Samus made her way to Mother Brain and defeated her once, only for Mother Brain to assume her complete form and devastate Samus till reaching the brink of death. Unexpectedly, however, the mutated Infant attacked Mother Brain and drained her life energy to restore Samus to full health, only for Mother Brain to rejuvenate herself and kill the Infant. Gifted with the power of the Hyper Beam, Samus defeated Mother Brain once and for all, and in the ensuing self-destruction of the entire Tourian base and the very core of the planet, Zebes was completely destroyed and any and all Space Pirates that were present at the time were completely wiped out.

From this point, the Space Pirates ceased to be a functional organization and effectively dropped off the face of the universe. The only other times that they would become relevant again was during the incidents in the BOTTLE SHIP and the B.S.L. Research Station. After the destruction of the Zebesian Space Pirates, a small sector of the Galactic Federation had the idea of using Zebesian to build a superior fighting squad that could be more effective and less costly than humans. They had the technology to make this happen and were able to create and modify a number of captured and bred Zebesians into cyborgs, which could then be controlled remotely. In order to make it possible for the Federation to control them telepathically, they had to create MB, an A.I. modeled after the infrastructure of Mother Brain. Initial tests were so successful that the idea of doing the same for Metroids gained some steam, and in order to make this work, they gave MB an android body so their first Infant Metroid would see her as a living thing and bond to her as if she was its mother. Sadly, MB’s interactions with the creatures led her to develop powerful emotions, and fearing for the creation of another Mother Brain, they attempted to have her reprogrammed and scrubbed clean of these emotions. In retaliation, MB ordered the Zebesian forces to rebel and attack their handlers, resulting in the death of nearly everyone onboard and utter chaos in general. Samus was told by MB (pretending to be Madeline Bergman at the time) that the Zebesians might have turned into an organized group of true Space Pirates as long as Ridley’s clone was around on the station, but Samus did not buy that and was convinced that the Zebesian would just revert to feral animals without the controlling presence of something like Mother Brain, which was ultimately proven true with the revelation of MB’s revolt. After she was destroyed and the stationed set for destruction, some of these Zebesian forces were later transported to the B.S.L. Research Station for experimentation and study, but in the end they merely met the fate of nearly all creatures in the facility in being killed and copied by X-Parasites, granting them a slightly modified body form alongside their natural body color and abilities. Just as Samus predicted they would be without a true leader, these creatures showed little in the way of teamwork or coherence and were nothing more than monsters that were destroyed when the station and SR388 collided, ending the reign Space Pirates completely and for the last time.

Though their presence may no longer be a part of the cosmos, the end of the Space Pirates was a welcomed one and has made it much easier for creatures of all bloods and tribes to rise up and maintain a steady mind in the face of danger, knowing that these ruthless vagabonds are gone. It is unknown if any Space Pirate forces are still in existence or are plotting a comeback, but given their history and a lack of strong leaders to keep them going, it is unlikely that they will ever pose the same threat as they once did. Even so, understanding these creatures and their mannerisms is vital to all, because if they ever do come back, there is no telling what they might do next, and with the current schism between the Galactic Federation and its most loyal bounty hunter associates, there might not be a force strong enough left to handle them when the day of their resurrection as a universal threat arrives.
Creature Name: Bryyo Bee
General Locations: Bryyo (Cliffside and Thorn Jungle)
Species Status: Extant

The Bryyo Bee is a small insect native to Bryyo that is readily identified by its bright red carapace and the blue under-markings they possessed during the Phazon Crisis. These creatures build small nests in the nooks of Hopper nests where they know they will be protected, as Hopper nests are incredibly durable and are avoided by most predators as a result of the Alpha Hoppers that are often used to defend them. These creatures gather nectar from the few flowing plants left in the planet and use it in combination with their own saliva to create a sweet honey that is prized as a delicacy outside of Bryyo but hated by the natives, as it contains a toxin that the Reptilicus are weak against. These creatures can be attacked with weaponry of any kind, and during the Phazon Crisis, this would result of in them exploding and hurling blue blood everywhere, their bodies enriched by Phazon; in their current state though, their blood has reverted back to a green color but they are otherwise unchanged, indicating that they were not as badly infected or mutated by the presence of Phazon as other creatures (though it does show how quickly the corruption was able to spread by infecting a simple insect that otherwise had no reason to interact with the substance).
Entity Family Name: Zipline Hazard Family

General Locations:
Floating Target Tests: Elysia (Western and Eastern SkyTown)
ZipNMEBomber: (Western and Eastern SkyTown)

Entity Status: Disabled

The Ziplines of Elysia may be the only real way to get around the facility aside from Kinetic Orb Cannons, but thanks in part to the Space Pirates, the Ziplines were not safe to travel on in many cases during the Phazon Crisis without encountering at least some hazards along the way. It is noted first, though, that the gates present on some parts of the cables are of Elysian design and were mainly used as path blockers to cut off traffic to certain areas if there was an emergency that needed to be isolated to treat. The Floating Target Tests are some of the most common hazards and consists of a series of elongated drones that rotate around themselves in groups of two or three when they detect an entity of some sort using the Zipline at any given moment. These objects have a single small thruster on the thin end of their bodies and a large target on the other side (placed there for target practice among Pirate Troopers); all of the targets must be hit in order to remove the rings they form, as any that are not destroyed before getting close to the rider will detonate upon making contact with the rider, sending them flying off into the abyss of the planet’s atmosphere. The other major hazard to worry about is the ZipNMEBomber, which is a drone of Space Pirate design that rides along the Zipline cables with a pair of thin, magnetized legs, and possesses a weapon generator at their far end that creates balls of plasma that can easily destabilize the Zipline cable unit and send the traveler falling to their death. However, a design flaw in the system creates imperfect plasma balls that have an unstable energy state; while the drone is too quick-moving to be hit, a single shot to any of these projectiles can be enough to destabilize them and cause them to burst, thus removing them as an obstacle.
Creature Name: Pirate Wasp Mother
General locations: Pirate Homeworld (Command Center, Research Facility and Mining Site)
Species Status: Extant

The Pirate Wasp Mother is a rare insectoid that thrives off of the fuel resources used to power Space Pirate Transit systems on the Pirate Homeworld and gets its name from the fact that they are hermaphroditic and their offspring look much like tiny War Wasps, though they lose their ability to fly as they develop into adults. These simple creatures possess a flat body as an adult with a few stout legs that they use to crawl along the surface of Transit Station walls, where they can absorb the fumes given off by the trains and convert them into a ready energy sources. These creatures can be destroyed with a single shot from any type of weapon, but it usually better to leave them alone as they are defenseless and pose no real threat aside from swarming in large numbers, and even then preserving them is still a better option for scientific study as they are among of the few creatures that have actually benefited from the Space Pirates’ pollution of the planet.
Tallon IV Plants

General Locations:
Saturnine: Tallon IV (Tallon Overworld and Phazon Mines)
Glowing Spidervine: Tallon IV (Tallon Overworld)
Tallon Fern: Tallon IV (Tallon Overworld)
Great Tree: Tallon IV (Tallon Overworld)
Lichen: Tallon IV (Tallon Overworld)

Saturnine: These small iridescent mushrooms possess a black cap and stem that are illuminated by a blue light underneath the cap and along rigid markings in the mushroom’s soft flesh that shines brightly in the darkness; this is primarily existent to attract Butterflies, as the small insects are used by the Saturnine to carry their spores to other areas and thus assist them tremendously in reproduction. These life forms are generally not much larger than a human head and be ignored for the most part, but it is noted that they react strongly to the effects of Phazon and were observed on Tallon IV growing to 400% of their normal size or more in the pits of the Phazon Mines, making them large enough to actually use as platforms. The fungus also proved to be of great importance to the Space Pirates that were stationed there, as they were a prime component in later Elite Nutrient Mixes to supply their growing Elite Pirates the nutrition and Phazon energy they needed to survive and complete their transition into adulthood.

Glowing Spidervine: This plant form is carnivorous in nature and uses a symbiotic relationship between it and a specific type of internal bacteria to create bioluminescence in special sacs along the vine’s main base, which glow a bright orange color both at night and in the light of day (which usually works out as the Tallon Overworld is usually cloudy and drenched in rain). Insects are attracted to this light and are enticed to move close to it, at which point the plant will fire a series of small barbs from around the base of the sac and inject digestive juices into the prey as it is held fast against the sac, slowing absorbing their insides before dropping their hard, hollow carcass afterwards. Despite their vicious nature, these plants are completely harmless to larger life forms and especially individuals wearing protective armor of any sort.

Tallon Fern: This common plant form resembles Earth ferns to a great degree and lives an identical lifestyle. These plants are normally non-toxic and easily eaten by the herbivorous creatures living on Talon IV, but there is a toxic variety that can make most creatures ill when eaten. They are essentially harmless on their own and are usually observed as decoration by larger life forms exploring their habitat.

Great Tree: This hardy species of tree is unique to Talon IV and may have been bioengineered by the Chozo. This is evident not only in their enormous size but in their ability to resist the effects of pollution to an incredible degree, which explains why they managed to thrive even in the increasingly-toxic atmospheric and soil conditions of the planet alongside the spread of Phazon corruption. It is quite likely that these plants will continue to thrive for many additional centuries before they finally die, probably outliving every other form of life left on the planet.

Lichen: The term Lichen in used to describe a composite organism that arises from cyanobacteria and/or algae living among the filaments of a fungus in a symbiotic relationship and is a common sight to see on many planets with jungle and forested areas. The Lichen that is found on Talon IV is no different and is usually of little concern, but it does have some use as some types tend to only grow on smooth surfaces on the planet, easily marking the location of Half-Pipes in the Tallon Overworld. It is also noted that up until the destruction of Metroid Prime, the Lichen on Talon IV radiated minute levels of Phazon, gathered from minor traces in the soil and rocks of the planet prior to the corruption being sealed away by the Chozo.
This is just a quick work update for everyone. As you are all aware, I have finished (for now) my work on Pikmin and moved onto Metroid, but there two things that I need to warn you all about now. First of all, the next few batches of reports are going to seem...a bit short...but there is a reason. Some of you have probably played a Metroid game at one time or have at least seen someone playing one, but I'm guessing that most of you have never played Metroid II. And that's because it was for the Game Boy. It isn't the worst in the series, isn't the greatest either. Here's the deal; the game took place on the homeworld of the Metroids, SR388, and it was the only game to give us a look at some of the strange biota that existed alongside the Metroids...but there is almost nothing to say about them. Now, I am a man that prides himself at bringing out information from nothing but a picture, but to be little concrete data was put into explaining these creatures that it is baffling. A few of them have only a single line of text to describe them shorter than this very sentence. I have tried my best, but I fear that the reports for the creatures from that game, as well as Metroid Prime Hunters (whose scan data isn't worth s#^&), will be a lot shorter than any of us are used to, so...please cut me some slack.

Secondly, and on more good news, I have been contact with the individuals responsible for running Pikipedia, and in the future, we are going to try and do something that I think you guys are really going to like. I know that I'm sure as heck exited, and it has been fun being able to actually talk to and become part of the group that maintains the actual Wikipedia site for Pikmin (Pikipedia, not the Pikmin Wiki; there are hard barriers between those two wikis, so don't try and contact the Pikmin Wiki. They will have no idea what the heck you are talking about). I will let you all know more about this special surprise in the future.

Thirdly and lastly, as odds as it feels to say interactions with the Pikipedia staff have given me the incentive to spread my wings a little in the social media world. I am now on Skype! Hooray! My account name is professorwormwood (OOC - but might show up as my actual name, Patrick Nolan), so if you are ever in the mood, feel free to send me a message. I don't know when I will be available to talk since the Pikipedia activity levels tend to rise and fall randomly, but I am trying to get on a regular schedule of being available from about 5 in the afternoon (Eastern Standard Time) until I go to sleep. so I'll keep it started there. Also, if you do try to contact me, please send me a notice about it as a comment on my profile to let me know about it first. Just making sure I play things safe and don't accidentally add someone that will...well, heckle me beyond a reasonable measure.

That's all for the moment; have a pleasant evening, everyone.
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Patrick R. Nolan
Artist | Professional | Literature
United States
Hello; my name is Professor Wormwood, otherwise known as Mutitus.

My tale is both short and long, but I won't bore you with all the details. I originally became interested in deviantART through a chance encounter with some art that I found quite pleasing. From there, I began my journey through this marvelous place, taking on various guises and images until I finally came upon my current position, the Official Professor of Pokemon for the U.S. State of Pennsylvania.

Here, I dedicate my life to showing the world just how real Pokemon are and how fundamental they are to understanding both how the real world works and how thin the boundary between fantasy and reality truly is. I have been an active part of the Pokémon universe ever since I was a child, and it has opened my eyes to the greater laws that govern the universe and in turn where I stand as an individual in the sea of life that exists on this tiny little planet in an otherwise unexciting corner of space. I owe my incredible writing abilities and imagination to this world, and the best way I can repay my debt, as far as I figure, is to bring reality to a world where it is commonly rejected and in turn help even casual players of the series interact with their games in a way that is otherwise beyond what the creators of the series are willing to go.

Outside of here, I am attending Graduate School at SUNY UB; my specialty training is in geology and invertebrate paleontology, particularly in regards to Late Silurian plants, algae and fungi, and right now I am working to further specialize in Mid Ordovician graptolites. I am exceptionally skilled at mathematics and all sciences in general, though I am particularly knowledgeable in the fields of geology, paleontology, astronomy and theoretical physics. I do not know if there is more to life than what we live through on the Earth we know and love, but knowing that ghosts are real, I can only hope that there is at least some sort of existence beyond life.

For now, this is all that needs to be said; if I feel like opening up, though, perhaps I will reveal more of my secrets to the world. Regardless, I will continue to serve my friends and colleagues as a vigilant nobleman and protector of the, and for all eternity.

Current Residence: Pennsylvania, USA
Favorite genre of music: All but Rap and Country music
Favorite style of art: Anthro
Operating System: Galaxy
Favorite cartoon character: Sonic the Hedgehog
Favorite/Patron Villain: Rez, Lord of the Media Dimension
Personal Quote: Look beyond The Facade, and see the truth that lies before you.

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