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July 28, 2010
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Dodrio (the Triple Bird Pokemon) is a relatively rare Normal/Flying-type Pokemon found among grassy plains and savannas within the Kanto, Johto and Kalos regions as well as the Sinnoh and Unova regions on rare occasions.  While generally too bizarre for most trainers to handle, Dodrio are fierce birds that can easily peck their way through most unarmored opponents with little trouble.  If you know what's good for you, though, you should never try to approach one of these creatures when all of its heads are looking in different directions; it might not always see you before you see it, but it's unlikely that you will be able to outrun them once you get their attention!

Dodrio surpass Doduo in regards to abnormality in almost every way imaginable and are a series force to be reckoned with among intermediate trainers.  When Doduo reach a certain point in their life, one of their heads begins to split apart and their entire body mutates at once, activating a unique cloning gene that triggers catastrophic physical change both on the outside and the inside.  The resultant beast, Dodrio, is substantially more powerful than a Doduo could ever be as a result of having three heads instead of two.  While this limits Dodrio in that they cannot use the Double Hit attack learned by Doduo that stay in their form past the normal point of evolution, this loss is more than taken care of with their capacity to utilize the Pluck and Tri Attack moves.  Unlike Doduo, the brains of Dodrio are not harmoniously linked as a result of mutation and are only connected to each other at a dense nodule of nerves just below their necklines in the top center of their body.  This nerve cluster is only capable of transmitting basic signals to all three heads and cannot physically unify their thoughts, but it nonetheless acts as a potent transfer device that allows each head to share ideas with one another.  In most cases, the only real function this cluster serves outside of battle is suppressing hunger, as each off the three heads will begin squabbling with other creatures and even themselves until they get something to eat when hungry; the process of eating, however, transmits a signal to the other heads to relax them, in turn preventing this squabbling.  In a more practical sense, this nerve cluster allows Dodrio to think as three separate beings within a single body, granting them the ability to plan complicated attack patterns that would leave a Doduo confused beyond belief; it is noted, however, that thinking too hard can temporarily overload the nerve cluster that connects that heads and effectively immobilize their body.  Interestingly enough, Dodrio are further unlike their pre-evolved form in that each of its heads is dominated by a different personality, namely joy, sorrow and anger, which can often lead these creatures to argue amongst themselves over both complicated and trivial things; the only thing they always agree on is sleep, as one head must be kept awake at all times to detect any predators at night (in the daytime, they can equally use their heads in a triangulated arrangement to search for predators in all directions).

In addition to possessing three heads, Dodrio are remarkably different from Doduo in that they also possess three hearts and three sets of lungs, likely triggered by the radical mutation that makes them what they are.  On the one hand, their larger size is not proportionally matched by their leg strength, so the top speed of Dodrio is limited to about 40 miles per hour on average, which is considerably slower than a Doduo (though rare cases have seen these creatures dash as fast as 80 or more miles per hour).  This slower speed comes as a result of Dodrio needing to regulate their air intake and how fast their hearts beat; running too quickly can cause the three burdened hearts, which all share a single circulatory system, to become overworked and prone to internal damage.  On the other hand, however, the inclusion of three separate pairs of lungs enables Dodrio to run for extraordinary lengths of time without ever becoming exhausted, sometimes for hours on end.  This can more than make things difficult for predators of any kind in the wild, as Dodrio are practically unmatched among ground-based creatures for their speed and endurance (not counting Rapidash) and are capable of accelerating even faster than Doduo, making a quick getaway a process that may only take a few seconds at the most.

Despite the fact that they don't have much to offer in the way of defenses and special powers, Dodrio are powerful creatures that can easily overwhelm smaller creatures used to battling with only a single opponent.  With attacks like Drill Peck and Tri Attack on their side and a mean temperament that only gets worse over time, these birds can certainly prove to be a dangerous force when given the chance to fight.  Just try to make sure that there are no problems between them before sending them out to fight; they might be fast and quick-witted, but if all they manage to do is get into a fight with themselves, these beasts will end up being little more than target practice to most!

Professor Wormwood
A report on the Triple Bird Pokemon, Dodrio. Enjoy.
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Woah. Three hearts and three pairs of lungs?! That's crazy. The only thing I know that comes close to that is an octopus, which also has three hearts, but lacks the lungs.

Well, regardless of it's crazy anatomy, Dodrio is pretty cool! Great job :D
Mutitus May 13, 2012  Professional Writer
Indeed. And thank you; I'm glad that you enjoyed it.
I always wondered how the hell this thing can fly.
Mutitus Mar 9, 2012  Professional Writer
I wouldn't call it flying as much as running really, rerally fast on the ground to the point of looking like flight...
Xehanortrising Jul 3, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
I love these reports because they're so realistic
Mutitus Jul 5, 2011  Professional Writer
Thank you; I do my best to bring reality and Pokemon as close together as possible.
Xehanortrising Jul 5, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Its nice good job
Nice, I like the 3 hearts and sets of lungs bit, and how the 3 different outlooks can help in strategizing if the heads can stop squabbling. It's awesome that you balance it out by including their strengths and weaknesses.

Thank you :)
Mutitus Jul 29, 2010  Professional Writer
It's my pleasure to write these reports; you are quite welcome, and I'm glad that you enjoyed your reward. You definitely earned it! :)
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