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June 22, 2011
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Galvantula (the EleSpider Pokemon) is an uncommon Bug/Electric-type Pokemon found around caves, forests and cities within the Unova region.  Though they might share the subpar defenses and physical offense found in many other Bug-types, Galvantula are agile creatures that can use their quick reflexes and electrically-charged webs to quickly immobilize and devastate unprepared opponents in battle.  Bird Keepers traveling to the Unova are highly advised to stay away from these creatures at all costs; to these beasts, a bird is nothing more than a meal waiting to be electrocuted and gift-wrapped!

Joltik and Galvantula are incredibly unique among Bug-types for their ability to generate and store electricity within themselves.  This ability comes courtesy of a gelatinous organ within their abdomen capable of both absorbing electricity from power sources and generating it from the breakdown of proteins.  While they might not be true spiders, these creatures share many of the same distinctions found in other spider-like Pokemon, such as Spinarak and Ariados, and thusly behave much like predatory spiders (in other words, they hunt by building webs and waiting for prey to simply walk or fly into them).  There's a snag to this comparison, however, as Joltik and Galvantula are able to use stored electricity to enhance their hunting techniques considerably.  The thread that Joltik and Galvantula produce from their mouths and rears is extremely efficient at conducting electricity and can maintain a polarized charge for hours; when combined with their ability to utilize electricity, this grants these creatures access to a relatively powerful and unique move: The Electroweb attack.  While it might not be among the strongest of Electric-type attacks, this electrically-charged snare effectively delivers a sticky shock that always lowers the opponents Speed slightly, granting Joltik and Galvantula the opportunity to strike again before the opponent can react.  This also means that Joltik and Galvantula are the only known Bug-types that successfully trap and feed on attacking birds on a regular basis.  Lastly, it should be noted that these creatures are different from other spider-like Pokemon in that the thick fur covering their bodies tends to make other Pokemon feel uncomfortable, possibly for the same reasons a tarantula makes many humans nervous and fearful; as such, Joltik and Galvantula are the only Pokemon known to normally possess the aptly-named Unnerve Ability.

Though they are still relatively short, Galvantula are far larger than Joltik and possess an electrical organ large enough to store impressive amounts of electricity, making anything with wings a handy target.  Like most spiders, Galvantula spin massive webs and remain hidden while waiting for prey to accidentally walk or fly into their trap (and are duly more gifted than Joltik in doing so as seen in the Sticky Web technique they gain access to after evolution).  In sharp comparison to regular spiders, though, Galvantula do not have any venom within their systems at all (despite the fact that they and Joltik can still utilize the nasty Gastro Acid technique) and thus cannot immobilize their prey with any sort of bite; as one might expect, Galvantula instead rely on electricity to do the work for them.  Once a suitable meal has lodged itself within the strands of their electrified webs, they quickly become paralyzed and unable to move at all, leaving Galvantula to consume the live catch at their leisure; if they cannot finish the meal, they will simply wrap up the remains in an air-tight cocoon of charged thread (which protects against both other predators and the possibility of the meal escaping) and leave the package near their nest, hidden from view.  If threatened, Galvantula will employ a similar technique to snare the opposition, spewing fully-formed Electroweb attacks from their mouths in an attempt to capture the opponent for food; if the opposition is too heavily-armored to be easily hurt by such an attack, Galvantula will instead use their Electroweb attack as a shield, allowing the net to take the hit intended for the maker and in turn enabling said maker to escape unharmed.  There have even been cases where Galvantula have built literal walls of charged webbing as a defense against physical assaults, though this usually only works in small areas filled with debris (which provide numerous anchor points for attaching thread).

With an unnerving appearance and impressive hunting instincts, Galvantula are dangerous creatures that can certainly hold their own against a surprising variety of opponents.  Possessing a potent combination of Bug and Electric-type offenses and impressive Speed, it can definitely be said that Galvantula are perfect additions to any Bug Catcher's team and can be equally useful in the hands of Ninjas, Engineers, and so on.  Unless you have some strong Fire, Rock or (for the sake of resistance) Ground-type Pokemon at your disposal, you would be well-advised to keep your distance from these creepy-crawlies in combat; your Pokemon might be able to break out of their Electroweb attacks the first few times, but as good of a shot as Galvantula are, it won't be too long before your Pokemon end up wrapped tighter than a bad, electrified Christmas present!

Professor Wormwood
A report on the EleSpider Pokemon, Galvantula. Enjoy.
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HolyNightmare2012 Mar 3, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I have arachnophobia...but I think Galvantula is cute. X3 I love my galvantula, he's adorable and the unique dual STAB has been quite a shock (pun not intended) in battle. I'd say Galvantula's my second favourite bug type.
Mutitus Mar 9, 2013  Professional Writer
They certainly are interesting creatures. :)
This'll take a while, but here's the story. I'm in the Battle Subway Single Train, and I reach to about the 17th battle. The last moments of the battle are: My opponent sends out their last Pokemon, a Galvantula, which takes out my Pokemon with a Bug Buzz attack. I then send in my own last Pokemon, my Wobuffet that I have nicknamed after a game called MasterMind. [link](board_game) I know my Wobuffet is a pretty tough one, who can survive a Bug Buzz attack from a Pokemon like Galvantula. So, I have it ready a Mirror Coat, and when the impending Bug Buzz attack hits Wobuffet, I watch in near-horror as it faints due to a critical hit, telling me that I must start all the way back at the beginning, which is easy, but so time consuming.
Next time I challenge the Single Train, I make it back to around the 17th battle, and the battle again, ends up with a final showdown between my Wobuffet and a Galvantula, the latter of which is no doubt going to try to use Bug Buzz. Wobuffet means business at this point, I could just feel it, and prepares for a Mirror Coat attack... But faints again, due to another. Fucking. CRITICAL HIT!
So, yep, I am forced to give up my run in the Single Train once again, and I'm relatively certain that my Wobuffet has gained a permanent phobia of Galvantula. But the real thing that pisses me off is how similar both losses were. The chances that the same two pokemon are last, Bug Buzz is a critical hit both times, and it's always about the 17th battle are almost the same chance of finding two Spinda with the same exact spots!
Mutitus Jan 13, 2013  Professional Writer
That is a problem...but it's probably nothing more than an odd coincidence.
That said, it is unbelievably aggravating...

...At the same time, the strategic side of me wants me to add one to my team. Quick forgiveness, isn't it?
Mutitus Jan 21, 2013  Professional Writer
Indeed; the only thing better than beating a devious trick is learning to use it for your own devices.
No15-Nathax Jan 1, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Dispite the fact that i'm arachnophobic, spider-like pokemon don't really phaze me (although, my own galvantula has the compoundeyes ability, so that may be the reason why i'm able to be anywhere near it without jumping out of my skin). In fact i just rotated out my electabuzz in favor of adding a newly caught joltic to my team which has evolved. With its electrowed+electroball combo we were able to take down the Mistralton city gym with no problem.
Tell me what you think:
Ability- compoundeyes
Best stats- speed & sp.attack
Moves- giga drain, signal beam, electroweb, thunder
Mutitus Jan 5, 2013  Professional Writer

Well, the specialization in Speed and Special Attack is a good decision to be sure. Thunder works perfectly when combined with the Compoundeyes Ability and both Giga Drain and Signal Beam are great for general combat, but you might want to think a bit more in terms of Electroweb. It may be an interesting move, but in reality, Galvantula are fast enogh to outrun most Pokemon and thus have no real reason to learn a move that lowers the target's Speed stat. Instead, I would recommend a move like Hyper Beam; it might not seem like a good idea, but at the very least, your Galvantula will be able to deal basic but relatively high damage with it against an opponent that resists the effects of its other moves.
MasterMitosi Jan 11, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
SPIDER! Well, at least it's not Genesect!
Mutitus Jan 13, 2012  Professional Writer and your grudge against insects...
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