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May 23, 2012
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Name: Sidney
Moniker: None
Region: Hoenn
Role: Member of the Hoenn League's Elite Four
Type Specialty: Dark


The Hoenn League's Elite Four are honored among the best of their type despite the fact that most lead secluded lives, with little information available on preferences or personality.  One such member, Sidney, is a social mystery in the eyes of experts but is nonetheless respected as a powerful trainer and the perfect challenge for trainers wishing to prove their mettle against the Elite Four.  Sidney is a rather kind individual that seems to enjoy his job a great deal even when he loses, demonstrating an honor towards duty that even Gym Leaders fail to exude in many cases.  It is said that Sidney is good friends with Karen of the Indigo League's Elite Four and often converses with her in regards to combat, but other than that, the true nature of this man's personal life is a tremendous mystery.  Some say that he has taken such a stance in order to hide this from his past, though others seem to think that he might just be a man that enjoys his privacy.  Regardless, Sidney is an expert trainer when it comes to the Dark-type and has managed to put together a powerful team despite the fact that Hoenn rules limit him to native Pokemon and is certainly not a trainer to underestimate in any battle.


While the other members of the Hoenn League's Elite Four might rely on more complex strategies in battle, Sidney prefers above all other strategies a full offensive beat-down with his Pokemon.  In a few cases he may rely on some tactical moves for a bit of support, but in most cases, Sidney will just use the raw strength of his Pokemon to beat the opposition into the ground and leave them too badly hurt to mount any sort of counterattack.  Sidney is careful to ensure that this doesn't actually result in the affliction of serious physical damage as a way of keeping combat rules from being broken in regards to bodily harm, but in many cases, this may be the better option over the slow, methodical beating that this Pokemon can deliver time and time again.  Defeating Sidney will require trainers to have plenty of offensive power on their side, and even then the chances of it working well won't be that noticeable unless using Steel-types, which are naturally resistant to the attacks used by most of his Pokemon.


Absol: This beast is not very strong when it comes to defenses, but in terms or raw power, it is still among the most dangerous of Dark-types in the entirety of the Hoenn region.  In battle, this beast will rely on its Swords Dance technique to greatly increase its physical attack power before lashing out in close quarters with devastating Slash and Aerial Ace attacks, while from afar it can launch powerful Rock Slide attacks straight at the opposition.  Absol is certainly not likely to survive more than a few direct blows in most cases, but this seem to matter very little to Sidney, as it is capable of immense damage beforehand regardless (especially since it is holding a Sitrus berry for emergency situations).

Crawdaunt: Following the footsteps of Absol, this beast will take advantage of its Swords Dance technique immediately in battle before attacking with powerful Strength and Facade attacks in close quarters.  If needed, this beast can also utilize its Surf attack to deal significant damage from afar, though its lower Special Attack stat makes this a bit of a gamble in most cases.  Trainers shouldn't have too much trouble tackling this beast from afar, but in close quarters, it is capable of immense damage and should be avoided at all costs.

Shiftry: Shiftry takes a bit more of a tactical stance that Sidney's other Pokemon and generally relies on its Double Team technique to make itself almost impossible to hit before using Torment and Swagger techniques to incapacitate the opposition and make it very difficult to attack properly without wasting PP or otherwise hurting itself.  From the safety of a distant point, this plant can then utilize its Extrasensory attack to deal considerable damage from fear, effectively locking the opposition into a painful net that cannot be easily escaped.  Shiftry is perhaps Sidney's most dangerous Pokemon because of what it's capable of once it gets rolling, so defeating it without attacks with perfect Accuracy will be more difficult than one can imagine.

Cacturne: This wicked plant is a sneaky creature that can easily make life difficult form opponents that are unable to deal effective damage to it in battle.  In close quarters, this creature will rely on its Faint Attack and Needle Arm attacks to deal the most damage possible before using Leech Seed to entrap the opposition and effectively drain their energy at a constant rate, in turn allowing Cacturne to freely strike with its thorny arms and bludgeon the opposition into submission.  If needed, Cacturne can even use its Cotton Spore technique to effectively make it impossible for the opposition to keep moving fast enough to dodge its attacks.  This creature might not have much to offer in the way of special attributes, but if it isn't taken out quickly, it can prove to be more than a simple opponent in battle.

Mightyena: This is the weakest of Sidney's Pokemon and is generally unfit for the kind of combat the rest of his Pokemon are used to, but its Intimidate Ability is powerful enough to be a significant tactical advantage in any traditional conflict.  In most cases, this brute will rely on its Sand-Attack technique to lower the Accuracy Rate of the opposition before going to town on them with its Crunch and Double-Edge attacks, occasionally using Roar to switch out a target and help spread around what little damage the beast can actually do.  It is certainly not an opponent to worry too much about, but definitely a breaking point for trainers that don't have ready access to special attacks.


Sharpedo: This beast is only used on occasion by Sidney as a result of its low defenses, but it is still a beast worth looking out for in practice.  After using a Swagger technique to potentially keep itself safe from attack, Sharpedo will literally try to tear the opposition apart with its Crunch and Slash attacks in close quarters with little care towards its own personal safety.  If needed, the beast will also utilize a Surf attack to strike from afar, but this will generally be done only as a tool of desperation.  This shark might be easy to take down, but that doesn't mean that it won't leave a parting wound or two in the process.


Although Sidney's Pokemon generally lack a lot of powerful attacks, they have been trained for years to make the most of their moves and are able to deal immense damage with what little they have in battle.   In a sense, this actually makes Sidney a lot more dangerous than similar trainers, as he has managed to turn his Pokemon into Elite Four material despite the fact that they are not extremely powerful; one can only imagine then what these beasts are capable of if forced to rely on their most devastating attacks.  In the case of Sidney, the difficulty involved in battle is not due to his Pokemon but him, as he has learned to strategize and use raw power in combination with a few tactical moves here and there to form an impressive arrangement of fighters.  Some trainers might find it relatively easy to get past him, but even if they do, Sidney will make sure that their Pokemon suffer a great deal in the process.


Defeating Sidney will allow trainers to continue on with their Pokemon League challenge.

Professor Wormwood
A report on Sidney, member of the Hoenn League's Elite Four. Enjoy.
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Sidney seems to have a hidden ability to play guitar; my sources have seen him play it several times.
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