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June 1, 2012
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Name: Red
Moniker: None
Region: Johto (Originally from the Kanto region)
Role: Pokemon Master
Type Specialty: None


Every once in a great while, a trainer arises from out of nowhere and ascends the ladder to stardom in the trainer world, becoming a true Pokemon Master and something that few other humans could ever hope to be in their long struggles through life.  One such person is Red, a trainer known by everyone in the Kanto region as well as most of the world for his efforts in not only becoming the Champion of the Indigo League but completely and utterly destroying Team Rocket.  When Red first became a trainer, he merely did what other trainers did and collected powerful Pokemon, battling and earning Gym Badges in the Kanto region.  In addition, however, Red bravely faced the hordes of trainers belonging to the nefarious Team Rocket, a dark organization that was at its peak when Red first came into contact with them.  Aside from wiping the floor with most of the grunts and defeating their efforts in both Celadon and Saffron City, Red battled against the likes of Giovanni, the head of Team Rocket, defeating him not once or twice but three times, the final one earning him the coveted Earth Badge and forcing Giovanni to retire in the hopes of becoming stronger than ever.  After dissolving the otherwise impenetrable Team Rocket, Red went on to beat the Indigo League's Elite Four and defeated them, only to come across the current Champion, and long-time rival, Blue.  Sadly for Blue, his reign as Champion was short lived as Red managed to defeat him and become the Champion of the Indigo League.  However, after this victory, Red vacated his position and left it open for Lance to claim, disappearing into the mountains of the Kanto region.  No one is quite sure where Red is to this day, but many suspect that he is constantly training at the very peak of Mt. Silver, the largest and most dangerous area in the entire Johto region to train.  While his rival Blue has managed to keep himself busy acting as the new Gym Leader of Viridian City, Red has not made any sort of contact with his family for years and many fear that he may never come back, though the reason why is likely something that only Red knows.  Regardless, it can be said that Red has accomplished more than most trainers could ever imagine and is certainly a trainer worth respecting and envying in any right.  For those lucky enough to see him, let it be made clear that he is not the kind of opponent any trainer can face in battle; only the strongest and greatest of trainers will ever be able to make a dent in the otherwise near-perfect team this Pokemon Master possesses.


Red is known to go completely offensive with his Pokemon and wastes almost no time with status conditions and heckling in most cases.  While this doesn't give him much in the way of attack options in many cases, he is nonetheless a dangerous factor regardless, as his Pokemon are all armed with a lethal variety of powerful attacks and are truly among the most powerful members of their species.  Red does not believe in holding back and will brutally assault anyone and everyone that dares to challenge him to battle.  Aside from brute force, the only thing that Red takes advantage of is the fact that his favorite training spot, the peak of Mt. Silver, is constantly enveloped in snowstorms; this in turn grants the same basic principles as Hail, in turn making the Blizzard attack three of his Pokemon know almost impossible to dodge under normal circumstances.  There might not be much to say about what Red is capable of, but the fact that he has likely almost never lost a match in years only attests to the extreme power and experience he has under his belt.  Battling against him might be an honor, but even the bravest should make sure to check their courage before making a bold challenge, lest they find their entire teams devastated within only a few short minutes of battling.


Pikachu: This strange creature was the very first Pokemon that Red ever obtained and likewise is the most powerful member of his team; although it may seem weak considering it is unevolved, the Light Ball that the creature is holding makes it a dire threat that can deal massive amount of damage despite its small body.  In battle, this beast will generally use its Fake Out attack to disrupt the opposition before relying on its devastating Thunderbolt attack when far away from the opposition and its Quick Attack, Iron Tail, Brick Break and Volt Tackle moves when the opposition is close enough for them to connect.  This wee beastie might not seem like a threat to most, but after watching it literally run circles around one's Pokemon and electrocute them at the same time, it is unlikely that either side of the battlefield will be laughing very hard.

Charizard: This monstrous creature is among the strongest of Red's Pokemon and is definitely not something that trainer wants to fight without a significant type advantage.  Up close, this beast will generally rely on its Flare Blitz attack to deal immense damage, though this is used sparingly as it also damages Charizard with every use.  Most of the time, this beast will prefer to stay far way and attack from afar with Air Slash, Fire Blast, Focus Blast and Dragon Pulse attacks, but in emergency situations, it can further employ the devastating Blast Burn attack to decimate the opposition.  This creature may not be as sturdy as other Pokemon in Red's team (though its held Focus Sash can protect against at least one devastating blow), but in terms of offense alone, it is definitely among the fiercest.

Blastoise: This monster turtle may not have as much offense strength or speed (though this is helped out by the Choice Scarf it holds) as Charizard, but it is still a major threat as its defenses are high enough to make it extremely difficult to damage.  This beast will often times forego any physical contact and instead choose to attack from afar, using devastating Flash Cannon, Focus Blast, Hydro Pump and Blizzard attacks to deal immense damage while its devastating Hydro Cannon attack can effectively decimate any opponent with a single, well-placed shot.  This titanic beast is extremely hard to take down even with powerful offenses, so patience is highly recommended in dealing with it as well as extremely high defenses if at all possible.

Venusaur: Though this beast might not have the type variety possessed by other teammates, it is still a devastating force as a result of its Sleep Powder technique.  Once the opposition has been put to Sleep, this creature can easily utilize its Sludge Bomb, Leaf Storm (helped out by its held White Herb), Earthquake and Giga Drain attacks to deal massive damage and keep itself healthy at the same time, while a powerful Frenzy Plant attack can be additionally employed if the opposition is too strong defensively to be taken out easily otherwise.  This creature might not be as strong as many would otherwise think, but its capacity to deal immense damage and heal itself at the same time nonetheless makes it a devastating opponent to go up against.

Snorlax: This monster really doesn't have a whole lot to offer in the way of mobility but is nonetheless a devastating wall that should be approached with great caution at all times.  From afar, this beast will rely on Shadow Ball and Blizzard attacks to slow down the opposition and deal major damage, while up close it can equally prove to be a nightmare with its Crunch, Body Slam, Seed Bomb, Earthquake and Giga Impact attacks.  This brute may not seem like anything to fear, but in regards to its massive HP reserves, decent defensive and offensive stats and the Quick Claw it holds on a regular basis, this is definitely one brute that few trainers will ever be able to overcome without experiencing a great deal of pain in the process.

Lapras: Though it might be the weakest member of Red's team, this  creature is by no means a weak link in the chain and is in fact one of the stronger fighters on his team. Up close, this creature will rely on its Ice Shard and Body Slam attacks to flatten the opposition and potentially even incapacitate them.  Once the opposition has been softened up, this beast will rely on its Psychic, Blizzard, Thunderbolt, Ice Beam, Hydro Pump and Brine attacks to deal immense from afar.  This creature might not have the sheer offenses possessed by Pokémon like Charizard, but it has relatively high HP and defensive stats overall (not to mention a held Sitrus berry for protection), so dealing damage to it, especially enough to actually knock it out, will not be an easy task in any case.


It is thought that Red does not possess any reserve Pokemon outside of the ones he uses regularly in battle but there are some rumors that he might own an Espeon as well; where it is at the moment, however, is unknown.


To say the least, challenging Red in and of itself is a foolish venture, as his Pokemon are truly among the most powerful in the world and he has spent many years perfecting his battle style to the point where there truly are no weak points or errors that can be taken advantage of.  The fact that almost no one has seen Red in years makes it a bit difficult to gauge just how powerful he is, but the few rumors that come here and there more than demonstrate his expertise in battle.  It is still a mystery if Red will ever return home and give up his life as a trainer, but today, that does not seem like a likely outcome.  Red has remained virtually undefeated his entire life, and the few defeats he has met have only helped to make him stronger than ever before.  Trainers, look alive and prepare for the worst when this young man appears; you may be more likely to find him first than him finding you, but even then, things are unlikely to go so well.  Only those that can best Red can consider themselves true Pokémon Masters, and by the looks of things, that probably means that we may never see another trainer like Red until the day he dies.


Defeating Red offers nothing outside of a monetary award, though anyone that can beat him is rightfully deserving of the title of Pokemon Master.

Professor Wormwood
A report on Red, the true Pokemon Master of the Japan area and perhaps the world. Enjoy.
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ComannderrX Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2014
ive met red, hes a really nice guy!!
Mutitus Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2014  Professional Writer
ComannderrX Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2014
and also debatably the toughest opponent ive ever fought, but i can say with pride im one of the few people who has defeated trainer red!!
Mutitus Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2014  Professional Writer
I see...well, that makes two of us...
ComannderrX Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2014
really? you also beat him?
Mutitus Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2014  Professional Writer
Indeed, but it was not easy by a long-shot.
ComannderrX Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2014
agreed, he put up a hell of a fight(the hail didnt help either) but in the end, the crazy madman that is me came out on top!!
Mutitus Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2014  Professional Writer
Indeed. :)
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KantoChampionRed Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2014
Recently, I watched all of Pokemon Origins (plus a commentary of it by Youtube channel HellfireComms), and I thought that it stuck very well to the original material. The only complaint that I have is that it's only an promotional for X and Y, because of the two Mega Stones. Other than that, I would've liked 13 episodes at the least, with the first eight focusing on Red's Gym Leader and Team Rocket portion of Red's journey, and the last 5 foucsing on Red and the Elite Four, with maybe a 14th for Mewtwo, but without the promotion for X and Y. Hopefully, a sequel series with Gold will be made.
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