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July 31, 2010
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Rhyhorn (the Spikes Pokemon) is a relatively uncommon Ground/Rock-type Pokemon found among caverns and mountainous terrain within the Kanto, Johto, Sinnoh and Kalos regions as well as parts of the Unova region on rare occasions.  While they might not be as carefree as Slowpoke in their otherwise general dopiness, Rhyhorn are destructive brutes that can easily tear down opponents and entire skyscrapers with their devastating Horn Attack and Take Down moves.  Of course, one really can't blame them for the destruction they cause; they're just too stupid to realize what they are doing most of the time!

Rhyhorn have extremely sturdy bodies and possess bones that are 1000 times harder than those possessed by a human, allowing them to take an enormous amount of internal stress before feeling pain.  Furthermore, the armor covering their bodies is actually a thick, rock-hard hide similar to that of a rhinoceros' hide that is fairly resistant to direct attack and is only truly hampered by the fact that it also shares the general weaknesses possessed by Rock and Ground-type Pokemon, hence the species' type assignment.  Despite the size of their massive bodies, Rhyhorn can charge at incredible speeds if needed, easily knocking entire trailers flying without a single care and plowing through smaller creatures like they were little more than bumps in the road.  On top of all this, Rhyhorn have slow metabolisms, so they actually do not have to eat a whole lot of food in order to fuel their immense bodies and are thus able to go extended periods of time without having to actually do anything much at all, making them perfect partners for offensively-minded trainers.

However, these powerful brutes have several weaknesses that make them both difficult to control and difficult to use effectively in battle.  For one thing, Rhyhorn cannot change their direction of travel while charging because of their small legs, so they do not perform well when battling in tight spaces.  More importantly, Rhyhorn have incredibly small brains that give them little in the way of mental functions.  Their short-term memory only allows them to remember one thing at a time, and even then, their capacity for memory isn't that long; shortly after a Rhyhorn begins charging at something, it completely forgets why it started charging in the first place and even if one happens to crash into something, there is only about a 43% chance of it remembering why it started charging at all.  Although small facts are converted into long-term memory with time (as with most creatures), the process is quite slow for these creatures, making Rhyhorn generally dim-witted and useless for manual labor (even in construction fields).  Rhyhorn also share the same delayed response to pain seen in Slowpoke, but is far more severe and can unfortunately last anywhere from 10 seconds to almost 24 hours in length, making any sort of personal care for them all but impossible.  All in all, this means that Rhyhorn have a far worse bark than they do bite; they are only good for simple physical assaults and they do not perform well against opponents more nimble than themselves, limiting their overall combat effectiveness until after evolution.

Despite these massive flaws, Rhyhorn are respected and carefully watched because of their massive strength and great care has been taken to ensure that these beasts remain safe from poachers and other robbers (as Rhyhorn hide is extremely valuable on the black market).  The chances of them doing little else than wildly crashing into everything they see might be slim for any normal trainer, but with patience and determination, these otherwise unintelligent creatures can easily be converted into powerhouses worth respecting in battle.  Just try not to make them too angry if you can help it; it's bad enough not being able to actually remember why you began charging in the first place, but it can easily become another issue entirely if you forget the fact that you're actually charging at your trainer!

Professor Wormwood
A report on the Spikes Pokemon, Rhyhorn. Enjoy.
tailskofan999 Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2014
i like rhyhorns,they are so awesome^^

ps:i remember that in x and y the main characters mother owns a rhyhorn.
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