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Today, many people can look back and say that they were part of the experience.  They can say that they were there to witness my rise to power.  But most cannot say how it began.  That is a beginning that only a few eyes ever saw, and even then, they had no idea where it would lead to in the end…

It all began on a dark, stormy night; a bit cliché I suppose, but maybe not.  Dr. Eggman had just gone to bed after finishing up his latest piece of work, a machine that would one day change the face of the world.

Decoe, Bocoe and Bokkun had gone into Eggman's workshop to look at his latest project.  None of them had gotten the chance to see it before this night; Eggman wouldn't let them, telling him that it was too important.  He couldn't risk having them accidentally ruin it.  The three of them stood at the entrance, looking at the covered machine that stood there in the darkness.

Decoe: I say we should take the cover off.  I've been wanting to see what this thing is forever now.

Bocoe: But we can't; you know what the doctor said.  He'd gladly scrap all of us if he caught us even near that thing…whatever it is.

Bokkun: I don't care what Eggman says!  I want to see this thing!  He's been working on it for over a week now, and I've never seen him work so hard on something so…small.  I can't wait any longer!

Decoe and Bocoe: Bokkun!  No!

But it was too late.  Childish Bokkun had already stripped the cloth from the machine…only to fly back and hide behind Decoe in fear.

Bokkun:  That's…..that's……what is that!!!!!????

The figure that stood in the darkness was unassuming to most, but there was something different about it.  Even if it had not been intentional, it looked nothing like any robot Eggman had ever built before.  The three of them cautiously walked over to the machine.

Decoe: Hey….it….it looks like…

Bocoe: No way!  This is what the doctor has been working on?  I expected something a bit more…menacing.

Decoe: Huh……it looks pretty simple to me.  This can't be right.  Why would he work so hard on a single machine?  He didn't take this long to make any of us.  Why does this thing get such special treatment?

Bokkun: It's….it's scary…

Decoe: Scary?  What planet are you from?  This thing looks harmless.

It is still a mystery to me what Decoe and Bocoe saw when they saw the machine before them; for some reason, they only saw a small robot with nothing truly fearful in its construction.  But Bokkun was different.  For some reason, he saw something more…I don't think that he really knew what he was seeing, but he feared it, almost as if it was instinctual.  Looking back, I think that Bokkun may have exceeded his programming more than Eggman ever knew, because he saw something that automatically  made him scared for his life.

Bokkun: Let's get rid of it.

Decoe: What? Are you insane?  We can't get rid of it.  Besides, I don't think that it's going anywhere anytime soon.  By the looks of it, it hasn't even been activated yet.  It's completely untested.

Bocoe: I agree.  There's no reason to jump to conclusions.  For all we know, it might just be a big toy.  You know that the doctor has been a bit depressed lately; Sonic just tore apart a machine he built in three days a few weeks ago, and he's been almost absent from the workshop since then.  Well, at least until he started building this thing.

Bokkun: I don't care!  I don't like it at all!  I want it out of here!

Despite his small size, Bokkun was a bit stronger than he looked, and was able to lift the machine from the ground just enough to zoom out of the doorway with it.

Decoe: Bokkun!  You're going to get us all scrapped!

Decoe and Bocoe chased Bokkun throughout the hallways trying to get the machine back, but to no avail.  Finally, in a last ditch effort, Bokkun tried to take the machine outside to throw it over the balcony near the very top of Eggman's fortress.  By this point, the commotion the three were making had rudely awakened Dr. Eggman, who quickly put on his slippers and ran off towards the source of the commotion.  The sound led him to the roof, where Decoe and Bokoe were standing in plain view.  Bokkun held the machine above them, poising to drop it to the ground below.

Eggman: Decoe, Bocoe, what is going….what!?  Bokkun, you fool, what are you doing!?

Bokkun: Why did you build this thing?  It looks evil!  Don't you like us anymore?

Eggman: Bokkun, you idiot, that thing is not meant to be outside yet.  It's far more important than you realize!  Bring it back immediately!

By this time, a storm that had been brewing on the horizon was lurching overhead, and rain had begun to fallen.

Eggman: Bokkun, don't do anything stupid!  Just bring the machine back.  I was going to reveal it to you three tomorrow anyways.

Bokkun: But….but….it looks like…

Eggman: Yes, I know.  Look, just come down here and we can talk about it.  This thing is not going to replace you!

Bokkun: It… isn't?

Decoe: Oh good grief, is that what this was all about?  Bokkun, you jealous piece of junk!

Bocoe: It figures that it would be something silly like that…it is Bokkun, after all.

Before any of them could react, however, a sudden blast of lighting flashed in front of their eyes; the storm was already here, and it was a fierce one unlike anything Eggman had ever seen before.  Bokkun began to fly back towards Eggman……before a sudden bolt of lightning struck him and the machine he was carrying.  Both figures crashed to the ground in front of Eggman.

Eggman: Nooooooooooooooo!!!!!!  Bokkun, you moron!

Eggman delicately picked up the machine and set it against the wall, sitting down as if it was a sleeping infant.  Bokkun, on the other hand…he picked up with little care, holding him by one of his feet.

Bokkun: Ow…..that really hurt….

Decoe: You idiot! Now look what you've done!

Dr. Eggman was seething with rage.

Eggman: Bokkun, when I'm done with you, you're going to be the ugliest toaster this side of the planet!

Bokkun: Waaaaaaaaaaa…..but that's not fair!

Eggman: I sweat for over a week on what may be my greatest creation ever, and in a single night, you manage to scrap it!!!  When we get back inside, I'm going to…

There was a sound.  Everyone stopped what they were doing and stared at the machine propped against the wall.  It sounded like a twitch…..from something.  After a moment, the tension eased up.

Eggman: Now, as I was saying…..

If I had to say who saw it first, I would probably go with Bocoe and Decoe, if only because they were the closest to me; they saw my first true action in body and mind.  I clenched my hand together in a fist, as I struggled to take a hold of my body for the first time, and stood up all on my own.  In an instant, I opened my eyes, and saw the universe for the very first time.  There was only one thought in my mind, the very first thought I ever had: I exist.  As cliché as it may seem now, that was how it all began; even then, I had no idea what my life would entail.  But I knew, in the deepest parts of my neural network, that I existed…and that is something that no other machine can ever claim to have truly known.
I know that I said that I wouldn't start this until I completed my other work, but my curiousty got the best of me, compelling me to at least make a Prologue for my Sonic fanfic, which I am dubbing Sonic MX. I think that I am going to attempt a minimalist structure in this work; that way, I can still get the point of the tale across while everyone can imagine it as they wish. I always find it better if people are allowed to see the story in their heads with only a few exact details; that way, their interest is hooked when they start to imagine in their own minds how the events play out.

I am still going to continue my regular work without any major interruptions; I'll just probably take a little time each night to work on this, slowly but surely. Time makes the heart grow fonder after all, right?

If anyone knows much about the Sonic X series or even the Sonic franchise as a whole, it shouldn't take much thought to realize who the narrator is. :)
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12345999 Featured By Owner May 16, 2012
I'm not sure. I'm guessing... metal sonic?

I don't know, never really got into Sonic X or any other 4kids dubbed shows. Except for pokemon, of course.

It was really, really bad IMO. Hated how it focused on that... kid a lot.
Mutitus Featured By Owner May 19, 2012  Professional Writer
Yeah, I follow you on that, but I still liked the last season a lot.
12345999 Featured By Owner May 19, 2012
I did kind of like the chaotix though...

I just wish it followed the games a bit more closely... and wasn't dubbed by 4kids.
Mutitus Featured By Owner May 19, 2012  Professional Writer
Yeah, there's that...

I will give credit in saying that the dub was very bad and a lot of interesting things got cut out as a result of time, but at the very least, they managed to squeeze just about every single modern Sonic game into the series. I still don't understand why Metal Sonic was never included...but, then again, that would have been a nightmare to see, especially since I personally think I can do a better job at looking through the eyes of Metal than any english dub would ever be able to accomplish.
12345999 Featured By Owner May 19, 2012
Yeah, a proper Sonic Heroes arc would have been nice. Sonic CD too, but that's a somewhat older game and the show uses the modern character designs and... stuff.
Mutitus Featured By Owner May 21, 2012  Professional Writer
picachuyou Featured By Owner May 16, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Omg I need more details I cant tell what it looks like!
cas20 Featured By Owner May 16, 2012   Writer
Very interesting.
Michelle8936 Featured By Owner May 16, 2012
It's not bad so far, but the script format is usually pretty unappealing unless you're writing an actual script for a movie. I'd advise writing in story format as you'd see in books and such. It'll also add potential for expressing the characters' emotions and actions much more easily, in addition to improving the description.
Mutitus Featured By Owner May 19, 2012  Professional Writer
Well, there's a reason for my choice of dialogue; it's covered in my latest journal.
MasterMitosi Featured By Owner May 16, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
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