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While there are many different types of items out there that Pokémon can hold in battle, some of the most fundamental are those that are designed to specifically enhance the specialty attacks of a particular type. These type-enhancing items are all generally alike in that they raise the power of certain elemental attacks when held, but their physical structure and even how they work can vary quite widely and they may almost be impossible to find out in the wild. Even so, the significant boost in power these items provide makes them the perfect items for trainers that are struggling to form a complex strategy, as they can add enough brute force to make battles much easier for just about any trainer looking to simply plow through the opposition at full-force.


Pink Bow: This item is almost nonexistent today as a result of changing fashion trends but is still used by some kids because of its accessibility. In battle, a Pokémon that holds this pretty ribbon will have the power of its Normal-type attacks boosted by 10%; this is fairly low in comparison to other items, so it really has little use in most battles.

Polkadot Bow: This item falls along the same lines as the Pink Bow and has the same effect when held; the only significant difference is that the item is usually only found among Jigglypuff, and even then its true rarity is still unknown.

Black Belt: This item might seem like any ordinary black belt, but it is actually designed specifically for Pokémon and not human use. This fabric is made from organic fibers that are laced with powerful chemicals designed to soothe the wearer when it comes in contact with perspiration and allow it to concentrate more deeply in battle, in turn enhancing its natural physical attributes. In particular, this item boosts the power of Fighting-type attacks by 20% when held. This item is found among Throh and Sawk about 5% of the time as well as Makuhita in rare cases.

Charcoal: Charcoal is used for many purposes outside of combat, but in battle, it has only one real purpose: to assist Fire-types in battle. Charcoal naturally gives off a smoky aroma that can help Fire-types feel better about their natural powers and thus helps them intensify their attacks, increasing the power of all Fire-type attacks by 20%. Charcoal is usually very difficult to get a hold of in most places, but herbal medicine shops and woodcutters often times have some around either as a souvenir or because they make Charcoal for a living. This item is found among Torkoal about 50% of the time as well as Vulpix in rare cases.

Dragon Fang: The origins of this item has been hotly contested for years in regards to what species it came form; some claim that it likely came from a Salamence, while others suggest Garchomp and still others suggest completely unrelated species. Regardless, this item is infused with draconic energy and thus works to bolster the natural powers of Dragon-types, increasing the power of Dragon-type attacks by 20% when held. This item is found among Dragonair (which is strange seeing as they have no fangs to speak of), Bagon, Shelgon and Druddigon about 5% of the time, though the validity of its occurrence among Dragonair has been brought into question in recent years, as they are almost never seen with the items despite estimates.

Hard Stone: This dense, seemingly useless rock is actually a powerful item when placed in the hands of a Rock-type Pokémon. Although it might seem like any other normal rock, the extreme density of this item calls out to Rock-types and all Pokémon in general, living as a testament to the sheer power of Rock-type abilities…or at least that's what some say; in truth, the item is nothing more than an extremely dense, polished piece of granite. Even so, it has the effect of psychologically affecting Pokémon in battle so as to increase the power of Rock-type attacks by 20% when held. This item is found among Graveler (though Graveler seem to be connected much more to Everstones in practice) about 50% of the time and Aron, Lairon, Nosepass, Corsola, Larvitar, Onix and Dwebble about 5% of the time. Additionally, in the Kalos region, this item can sometimes be found in caves and mountainous Routes by using a Rock Slide attack to crush boulders.

Magnet: Magnets are a classic item found among people of all walks of life as a result of their simple construction and natural electromagnetic powers. In the case of Pokémon, these items are highly sought-after by Electric-types, as their natural magnetic powers help Electric-types to concentrate their natural powers, in turn increasing the overall damage their Electric-type attacks deal by 20%. This item is found among Magneton about 5% of the time, though the validity of its occurrence among Magneton relative to has been brought into question in recent years as they are almost never seen with the items despite estimates, generally being more associated with the Metal Coat item.

Metal Coat: The item that most people think of as a Metal Coat is not true the item itself; the outer appearance of the item is merely a titanium-alloy container that is designed to contain the real Metal Coat, which is a fine powder that increases the overall durability of Steel-types when held. Instead of providing power in terms of defense, however, this item tempers the bodies of Steel-types and increases the damage their Steel-type attacks do by about 20%. This item is found among Magnemite, Magneton, Steelix, Beldum, Metang, Bronzor and Bronzong about 5% of the time as well as Skarmory in rare cases and is useful enough to make a decent appearance in many battles against Steel-types, but the item's true benefits more or less lie in the fact that it can be used to evolve Scyther and Onix into Scizor and Steelix, respectively. Both of these creatures lose much in the way of mobility after evolving, but this is more than supplemented by the massive increase in Attack and Defense they receive as a result of evolution.

Miracle Seed: This item is little more than a seed to most, but in truth, it is the seed of an ancient plant-form that has managed to thrive throughout most of the human race's history; as a result of its rarity, however, no one is quite sure of the actual species of plant it comes from. Regardless, this seed is packed with enormous amounts of energy and is loved by Grass-types for its capacity to energize their bodies in battle, in turn increasing the damage done by Grass-type attacks by 20%. This item is found among Cherubi, Carnivine and Pumpkaboo about 5% of the time (and rare Super Size Pumpkaboo 100% of the time).

Mystic Water: This rare item is a gemstone adored by many because of its beautiful appearance and, oddly enough, because it actually looks like it is liquid inside. This comes as a result of the gem's unique physical structure, which reflects and refracts light to the point where the insides appear to move if turned slowly. This item has more use among Water-types than humans, though, as it serves as a source of inspiration in battle and an item of great honor; as a result of the psychological effect this has on both humans and Pokémon, this strange gem has the effect of increasing the damage done by Water-type attacks by 20% when held. This item is always found among Castform (possibly because their bodies mechanically work similar to water in all types of temperature-based weather phenomenon) and Lapras as well as Goldeen and Seaking in rare cases.

Never-Melt Ice: This strange item is a rare type of ice that is usually associated with man-made experiments and is almost never seen in the wild. What makes this ice unique, as its name would suggest, is that it is so dense that it is effectively impossible to melt without serious effort and time. It is believed by some that these items may in fact be scraps of Regice, which makes at least some sense considering Regice are built out of ice so dense that it won't melt even when in lava. This item serves as a powerful source of energy for Ice-types and helps them to reach colder temperatures faster with their basic attacks, in turn increasing the damage done by an Ice-type attack by 20%. It is unlikely that most trainers will ever find these rare items without some serious help, but it is known that they are carried by Snover and Cryogonal about 5% of the time. Additionally, in the Kalos region, this item can sometimes be found by using a Rock Slide attack to crush large ice crystals on Kalos Route 17.

Poison Barb: This item is effectively what it sounds like and little more, a sharp stinger or barb that leaks poison after it hits something. Although it is classified as only a single item, the Poison Barb actually has a variety of different forms as a result of the wild Pokémon that use them; this is because, as one might expect, each species of wild Poison-type that can possess this item has made it from parts of their own body. In effect, these items help to boost the morale of the possessor and effectively increase the damage done by Poison-type attacks by 20%, but their best use in battle is as a form of intimidation, as few species of non-Steel-type Pokémon will get close to it without knowing anything about the poison in the item. This item is found among Budew, Roselia, Arbok, Tentacool, Tentacruel, Skorupi, Drapion, Qwilfish, Venipede and Cacnea (though this last one if questionable, as Cacnea are more generally associated with Sticky Barbs) about 5% of the time.

Sharp Beak: As with the Dragon Fang item, the actually species of bird that this item originates from is unknown, but it is often said that it may be the case of the Poison Barb in that the item can have a different form or structure depending upon the species carrying it. Regardless, this item has the general effect of boosting the power with which Flying-types can deliver attacks and thus the actual power of Flying-type attacks by 20%. This item is found among Doduo, Dodrio and Fearow about 5% of the time.

Silk Scarf: This luxurious scarf does not seem to have any special properties by itself, but as it turns out, it has a positive psychological effect on most types of Pokémon. Although the process is still a bit of a mystery, the soft fabric of this scarf seems to have the effect of increasing the overall power of basic attack moves and, in practice, the power of all Normal-type attacks by 20%. This item is fairly rare and is not found in the wild in most occasions, but it can still be located with the right connections and makes a great addition to just about any kinds of team.

Silver Powder: This strange powder is in fact the powdered scales form butterfly and moth-like species of Pokémon that have been concentrated into a form that takes away the toxicity of the scales while still granting them a vibrant and pleasurable aroma. When held in battle, this powder has the effect of enticing and energizing insect-like Pokémon and thus the overall power of Bug-type attacks by 20%; even though most Bug-types will find little use for this item, it can still be great to have around when facing Dark and Psychic-type Pokémon in battle. This item is found among Butterfree, Venomoth, Masquerain and Volcarona about 5% of the time.

Black Glasses: These strange items are a man-made creation and are usually just seen as an ordinary pair of sunglasses…except for the fact that they are completely black in appearance and are impossible for humans to readily see through. In truth, these items act as a channel for negative energy and clear up the moment that they receive a charge of negative energy, allowing the wearer to see. Aside from making Dark-types look cool, this attributes allows them to channel negative energy more readily, in turn increasing the damage they do with Dark-type attacks by 20%. This item is certainly among the hardest for trainers to find, but the sheer force it is capable of adding on and the universal nature of attacks like Bite and Crunch make it a great asset to have on a team regardless.

Soft Sand: This seemingly pointless item is literally nothing more than a small bag filled with fine sand. However, this sand is chemically infused with natural nutrients that many Ground-types need to sustain their bodies and their capacity to resist electricity. As such, Ground-types thrive off of this substance and will enjoy it so much when held that they will attack with extra vigor in battle, increasing the damage done by their Ground-type attacks by 20%. This sand might be impossible for most to tell apart from other grades of sand, but Ground-type Pokémon have no trouble discerning it from ordinary sand and are thus the best tools one can use for finding this otherwise elusive item. This item is found among Diglett, Dugtrio, Sandslash, Trapinch and Stunfisk about 5% of the time as well as Nincada in rare cases. Additionally, in the Kalos region, this item can sometimes be found by using Rock Slide and Hyper Voice attacks to destroy large sand piles on Kalos Route 8 and in Cyllage City.

Twisted Spoon: This strange item is in fact the spoon of a Kadabra that has been lost or otherwise separated from its original owner. These items are a bit more sorrowful than most items because, without them, Kadabra are reduced to half their combat efficiency in battle. However, the item still has important effects in battle, as it can allow any species of Pokémon to automatically use it as a focusing beacon of psychic energy, in turn increasing the damage done by their Psychic-type attacks by 20%. This item is found among Abra and Kadabra about 5% of the time.

Spell Tag: This mystical item is said to contain a powerful spell that allows the possessor to channel extra spiritual energy from the surrounding airspace and use it to increase the power of their attacks; in truth, however, scientific analyses of the item have left little more than perplexed minds in their wake. Regardless, the item does seem to have the exact function it was designed for, as it will allow Pokémon to deal 20% more damage with Ghost-type attacks when held. This item is found among Duskull, Banette, Haunter and Misdreavus about 5% of the time.

Professor Wormwood
A report on basic type-enhancing items. Enjoy.
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It is a bit of a shame, but things like that happen on a regular basis.
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